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COVID-19 Updates

May 4, 2020

Ranney Community,
You might have seen that today Governor Murphy issued an Executive Order that all New Jersey schools will close for the remainder of the academic year. Despite the disappointment I know we all feel in not being able to return to campus physically, I continue to be immensely proud of the resilience and  determination shown by our community over the past few months. Although we would all prefer to be together in person, students, faculty, parents and guardians have truly risen to the occasion and even demonstrated innovative ways to thrive and connect during this challenging time.
Distance learning at Ranney will continue through June 3.  On June 4 and 5 we are looking to plan special activities to celebrate the end of the year.  More information on these and other dates, including our plans for Ranney Summer Institute, will be sent soon.  Our Task Force will be working diligently over the spring and summer to plan for a safe and successful reopening in September.
In order to stay within state guidelines, our celebrations and traditions may look different this year and in some cases may be delayed, but the heart and spirit of our entire community will ensure that these celebrations are just as meaningful. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me or your Division Head(s). If you are unsure of where to direct your inquiry, communications@ranneyschool.com will help connect you to the right department. 
Continue to stay safe.
Best regards,
Dr. John Griffith
Head of School

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  • Will Ranney close in response to COVID-19?

    Ranney began its Spring Break for students on Friday, March 13. On March 16, Governor Murphy ordered the closing of all public and private schools until the health officials deem it safe to return. Ranney will resume classes virtually following the break beginning on Wednesday April 1.
  • What has Ranney done to prepare for extended school closure?

    Faculty and staff have developed division, department, and course-specific online curriculum to support program continuity.  Faculty participated in a full day of professional development on March 13 to complete training and plan. Faculty will use March 30 and 31 to finalize plans and communicate with their students and families. 

    Upper / Middle School: We have trained faculty to conduct online classes to prepare for a possible school closure. Faculty are able to teach via Google Classrooms, Google Meet, and myRanney. Faculty have also been introduced to OBS Studio, a software package that allows faculty to create video lessons that can be used asynchronously and disseminated on youTube, Google Classroom, or in myRanney. 
    Lower School: Lower School teachers and specialists will provide assignments via myRanney. Before Spring Break, faculty reviewed with their students how to use relevant software and applications. Please complete the form in myRanney to indicate if you have access to the required technology at home (iPads for Beginners through Grade 2 or a chromebook for Grades 3 through 5) or if you would like to borrow a device.
  • How has Ranney enhanced its cleaning/hygiene protocols?

    We began a complete deep cleaning of our campus Monday, March 16th and this will continue through Friday, March 20th. The cleaning process includes 360 hours of meticulous, hands-on work with both an electrostatic sprayer and deep cleaning and disinfecting of floors, desks, and all touch points. The School has also stepped up its cleaning protocols with nightly cleaning staff to wipe down all touch surfaces with cleaners approved by the FDA to kill COVID-19.
  • What are Ranney's policies related to Spring Break?

    We know many families have canceled their Spring Break travel plans, so many students will be home for the break. We ask that you limit your child’s social interactions over Spring Break as social distancing prevents the spread of COVID-19.  We have canceled all athletic practices and scrimmages over the break. If students are involved in events sponsored by other organizations over the break, we invite you to use your discretion regarding attendance.  

    We recognize that some Ranney families may still have plans to travel during Spring Break. While we cannot ask you to change travel plans, we strongly encourage you to take every precaution and follow CDC and State Department guidelines. Please refer to the 2020-21 School Calendar for help in rescheduling travel, if necessary.

    If anyone in your household travels to a place for which the CDC has issued a Level 3 (avoid non-essential travel) advisory, Ranney expects that the family follow any then-current CDC guidelines related to self-care, including but not limited to self-quarantine for two weeks upon return. Please note that conditions can change rapidly in a country at any time, so please check Travel Advisories for your destination.
  • Will Ranney cancel school-run trips, including Maymester?

    After careful consideration, the COVID-19 Task Force has decided to cancel Upper School Maymester travel experiences to Europe, South Africa and Florida planned for this year. The safety of our students is paramount, and although this news is disappointing, we will not risk putting our students' health in jeopardy or the possibility of quarantine while traveling. In the meantime, faculty are working to develop meaningful local alternatives to take the place of these travel programs during the last two weeks of this school year.
    We are also planning to restrict travel related to other school-sponsored field trips. We will be in touch at the Division level with details about these cancellations.
  • What steps can I take to protect my child(ren)?

    The same preventive measures that are advised for the flu are advised for COVID-19:

    • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
    • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
    • Please keep your child(ren) home when they are sick so that they do not expose other children to illness.
    • Cover your cough or sneeze into your elbow. If it is necessary to use a tissue, throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands.
    • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
    All families are reminded to follow Ranney's Sick Policy (see below) when making attendance decisions.
  • What is Ranney's Sick Policy – UPDATED

    Please keep your child(ren) home when they are sick so that they do not expose other children to illness. Review the full policy here.

    Students should stay home if they have any of the following conditions:

    • A temperature above 100 degrees
    • Antibiotics are prescribed for a contagious illness
    • The student has vomited
    • The student has diarrhea
    • The student has an undiagnosed rash
    • A student is diagnosed with a communicable disease (e.g. Influenza, Pneumonia, Strep Throat)
    • A student has severe cold symptoms.
    • A student is lethargic, is pale, has little appetite, and is generally "not him/herself."
    The student will be allowed to return to school 24 hours after symptoms resolve without fever-reducing medications, when a normal diet can be resumed, and a doctors note is obtained. A student may return to school after taking antibiotics for a minimum of 24 hours. A note from a physician is also required if a student has missed three or more consecutive days.
    Students are also discouraged from coming late to school due to illness. If your child does not feel well in the morning, please keep him or her home for the day.
    You may contact the Health Office directly with details or questions regarding your child.
    Health Office Contact: Tara Kardum, 732-542-4777 Ext 1132, tkardum@ranneyschool.org.
  • How is Ranney monitoring COVID-19?

    The COVID-19 Task Force, which includes the Medical Advisory Board, has been closely following developments related to COVID-19 through  Johns Hopkins University (JHU), the World Health Organization (WHO), the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. State Department, International SOS(iSOS), and the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH). We are also consulting with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), and the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS) to follow best practices and align ourselves, where appropriate, with our peer schools. In addition to the School's COVID-19 Task Force's monitoring of federal authorities' advisories, our School Nurses are in close contact with our local Health Departments to remain apprised of the latest recommendations.
  • Who is on the Ranney COVID-19 Task Force?

    The Ranney COVID-19 Task Force includes members of the Board of Trustees, Medical Advisory Board and Administrative Leadership. 
    Board of Trustees
    Bob Chandler, Chair
    Joe Guiliano, Vice Chair
    Medical Advisory Board
    Dr. Shamina Dhillon, Chair
    Dr. Ramil Bhatnagar
    Dr. Seth Dinowitz
    Dr. Meg Fisher
    Dr. Amy Goodman
    Dr. Niraj Govil '85
    Dr. Sunita Mann
    Dr. Janine Sanderman
    Dr. Brian Torpey
    Dr. John Griffith, Head of School
    Dr. Greg Martin, Assistant Head for Academics and Head of Upper School
    Chuck Zalewski, Chief Financial Officer
    Jennifer Collins, Chief Advancement Officer
    David Ketcham, Head of Middle School
    Dr. Andrea Danial, Head of Lower School
    Chris Landosky, Director of Operations
    Tara Kardum, Health Office 
    Sara Zavorek, Director of Marketing & Communications

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