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Ranney School Announces Launch of eSports Program and eSports Arena

Ranney School has launched a cutting-edge eSports program that brings students interested in competitive gaming together in a new state-of-the-art, dedicated eSports center.

The arena is 100-percent dedicated to eSports and will be used by the eSports club and team, which currently has over 30 members, already one of the school’s largest clubs in its first year.

Head of School Dr. John Griffith explained, “Learning and having fun is a hallmark of a great education, and if we can tie this together with our curriculum and extra-curricular activities, it's a plus for our students. In addition to the eSports program, Ranney offers the popular and challenging Narrative of Games elective.”
Ranney School aims to augment this program over time with added content such as lectures from gamers, game marketers, and discussions with leading collegiate and professional eSports and game design programs. Gamification - adding game-like aspects to regular activities such as business or exercise - is an up-and-coming trend in the academic and business worlds. 

Bobby Maris ’19, who spearheaded this effort, explained his excitement, “As a competitive gamer, I have seen how great the gaming community is and the strong skill set gaming can teach. With colleges now offering eSports scholarships and whole fields opening up such as eSports marketing and game design, this just seems like where we should be as a school and something we should offer.”

The goal of the program is to have a varsity eSports program at Ranney and to compete at a national level, as eSports requires agility, strategy, preparation, and teamwork.

The eSports effort is the result of combination of the school’s foresight and the parent community, including the donation of all new gaming equipment, including 12 state-of-the-art gaming PC’s, monitors, and seating. 

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