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Cast Announced for US Drama Metamorphoses

The Ranney Upper School Fall Drama, Metamorphoses, will be performed on December 12, 13, and 14 at 7 p.m. in Panther Hall. Metamorphoses is an ensemble production, allowing each actor to develop and play a variety of roles. The cast was announced this week, as the actors start rehearsing for what is sure to be a great production! 

Metamorphoses Company List

Woman by the water              Siobhan Jones
Scientist                                  Summer Wilderotter
Zeus                                        Kevin Twomey
Midas                                      Huck Martin
First Laundresse                     Olivia Haney
Second Laundress                  Kiri Patient
Third Laundress                      Siobhan Jones
Daughter                                 Cynthia Clark
Servant                                   Rishi Sondhi
Silenus                                    Brandon Stobie
Bacchus                                  George Baugh
Alcyone and Ceyx
Narrator First                           Siobhan Jones
Alycone                                   Olivia Batista
Ceyx                                       Rowan Johnson
Sailor 1 (Weeps/Moans)         Huck Martin
Sailor 2 (Dumbstruck)            Michael Guiliano
Sailor 3 (Calls to the Gods)    Ryan Biswal
Sailor 4 (Curses his fate)        Rishi Sondhi
Poseidon                                 Kyle Hannan              
Henchman 1                           Sarah Pasquale         
Henchman 2                           Lily Egol                     
Henchman 3                           Charlotte Clark
Henchman 4                           Olivia Haney
Aphrodite                                 Summer Wilderotter
Iris                                           Brielle Polizzano
Narrator Second                     Cynthia Clark
Sleep                                       KevinTwomey
Morpheus (Ceyx)                    Rowan Johnson
Lucina (Narrator First)            Siobhan Jones
Hermes (Narrator Second)     Kyle Hannan
Singer 1                                   Ashley Propst
Singer 2                                   Olivia Haney
Narrator Third                         Huck Martin
Erysichthon                             George Baugh
Ceres                                      Ashley Propst
Spirit of the Tree                     Cynthia Clark
Oread                                      Summer Wilderotter
Hunger                                    Brielle Polizzano
Mother                                     Kiri Patient
Little Girl                                  Kiri Patient
Buyer                                      Ryan Biswal
Poseidon                                 Kyle Hannan
Orpheus and Eurydice
Wedding Pantomime
Orpheus                      Michael Guiliano
Eurydice                      Charlotte Clark                       
Attendant 1                 Sarah Pasquale
Attendant 2                 Huck Martin
Snake(puppet)            Brandon Stobie
Hermes                       Kyle Hannan
Narrator One (Fourth)             Kevin Twomey
Persephone                             Sarah Pasquale         
Hades                                      Ryan Biswal
The Fates
Clotho                          Ashley Propst
Lachesis                      Kiri Patient
Atropos                        Olivia Haney
Sisyphus                                 Rowan Johnson
Narrator Two (Five)                Lily Egol
Narcissus Interlude (Pantomime)
Performer 1(Narcissus)          Ryan Biswal
Performer 2                             Summer Wilderotter
Performer 3 (Male strong)      George Baugh
Pomona and Vertumnus
Narrator Six                Charlotte Clark
Vertumnus                  Brandon Stobie
Pomona                      Lily Egol
Vertumnus                  Brandon Stobie
Pomona                      Lily Egol
Aphrodite                     Summer Wilderotter
Myrrha                        Sarah Pasquale                     
Cinyras                        Kevin Twomey           
Nursemaid                  Olivia Batista  
Phaeton                       Ryan Biswal
Therapist                     Brielle Polizano
Apollo                          Rowan Johnson
Eros and Psyche 
Eros                             Brandon Stobie
Psyche                        Olivia Haney
Q                                 Kiri Patient
A                                  Michael Guiliano        
Baucis and Philemon
Narrator (1) Seven      Lily Egol
Zeus                            Kevin Twomey
Hermes                       Kyle Hannan
Woman at the Door    Summer Wilderotter
Voices off stage          Brielle Polizzano, 
Ashley Propst
Brandon Stobie
Kyle Hannan
Philemon                     Rishi Sondhi
Baucis                         Olivia Batista              
Narrator (2) Eight        Brielle Polizzano
Narrator (3) Nine         Ashley Propst
Narrator (4) Ten          Kyle Hannan
Narrator (5) Eleven     Brandon Stobie
Midas                          Huck Martin
Daughter                     Cynthia Clark

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