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Art Honors Society Opens Exhibition

The Ranney School Art Honors Society students held an opening for an art show off campus at One River School Middletown. The opening for the exhibition was held Wednesday, Dec. 4 and will be shown through December 15.
The event was created to show the paintings, photographs, drawings, prints & sculpture created by the students who are current members of the Ranney chapter of the National Art Honors Society.
“We are always looking for new venues to highlight our student talent and work,” said Ms. Kate Greenberg, Visual Arts Department Chair. “Partnerships with local arts organizations let our students work be seen by a larger audience and celebrate the wonderful work our students are doing.

“We are very proud of the Art Honors Society students,” said Ms Marilyn Casey, Visual Arts Faculty. “It was a wonderful night to showcase their hard work and artistic achievements. It was great to see how much pride the students take in their work. We hope to have more opportunities to show student work around town!

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