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Middle School Robotics Participated in VEX IQ Squared Away Competition

Ranney Middle School Robotics participated in the VEX IQ Squared Away competition on Saturday, January11 at McManus Middle School. Six robots competed in the competition. 

Three robots ranked in the top ten in the skills challenge:

3815A -  Ballzilla: Anthony Abboud ‘25, Kieran Collins ‘25
3815B - PI R 3: Desmond Pepe ‘25, Lucas Yanney ‘25, Dev Nayar ‘25
3815E - Color Wizards: John Welch 24’, Matteo Martino ‘24, Arshay Patel ‘24

One robot made it to the final round in the Teamwork Challenge. The robot held its own but was squeezed out when one green square fell off the platform and dangled over the side of the field.

3915A - PI R 3: Desmond Pepe ‘25, Lucas Yanney ‘25, Dev Nayar ‘25

Overall, it was an exciting competition to be a part of and everyone had a great time.

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