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Ms. Patient a Featured Presenter at "Love Your Body And Run Virtual Retreat"

Upper School English faculty member Leslie Patient was a featured presenter this weekend at the "Love Your Body And Run Virtual Retreat" sponsored by ultramarathoner and 2018 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Mirna Valerio, also known as "The Mirnavator".

A full-day retreat including training, movement and writing sessions, Ms. Patient's session was called "Ode To Your Bod" and gave participants an opportunity to use Walt Whitman, May Sarton, and Lucille Clifton's poetry as a model for writing their own poetry celebrating the fullness of their runner bodies and souls.

Runners began their morning run with prompts to consider including their "runner's mantra” and "their obstacle tamer". During the afternoon session participants did another series of exercises to generate phrases and metaphors to add to their poetry.

"It was so great to be a part of this retreat," said Ms. Patient, "For something as tangible as running and as personal as attending a retreat, I was really surprised at how we could still build the camaraderie and get some really good runs in, even though we were running in very different places all over the world." 

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