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Ranney School Families Donate Over $16,000 to Lunch Break

Ranney School families donated $16,242 to Lunch Break on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 2. This community service initiative was led by the Zugel family of Holmdel (Lucia '23 and Ashleigh '16) and the Uzzi family of Fair Haven (Christina '22, Michael '24, and Nicholas '29), who inspired other Ranney families to join them in donating either to Lunch Break or to support increased need-based financial aid. The families were inspired to lend their support in response to the pandemic, which has led to job loss and significant hardship for families in our community. With schools closed and people working from home, food banks have seen a significant increase in the number of families seeking help. Ranney School students and families have a long history of supporting Lunch Break, including schoolwide food drives, volunteering at the organization, and donating produce grown in the school’s community garden.  
Ranney Head of School Dr. John Griffith, Lucia Zugel ‘23, and Dr. Griffith’s daughter Claire '27 were on hand to present the gift to Gwendolyn Love, Executive Director of Lunch Break. Dr. Griffith shared, “I am immensely proud of these students and their families for their leadership, and am grateful for the generosity and strength of the Ranney community.”
Lucia was seeing the drastic increase of people depending on the food bank and was worried that with kids out of school that they wouldn't get fed,” said the Zugels. “We care very much about combating food insecurity through support of Lunch Break.”
"So many people are struggling,” said the Uzzis. “We are proud to be part of a community that saw the need and responded in whatever way they could to help.”
“It's just overwhelming, to say the least, to see how the Ranney community embraces Lunch Break," said Love.We are very grateful for their support and that of their families and have always been amazed how caring and passionate the Ranney students are for others.”

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