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Class of 2021 Honored in Vesting Ceremony

The 72 members of Ranney School’s Class of 2021 were celebrated on Monday, October 19, as they participated in the tradition of the Senior Vesting Ceremony. The ceremony was held outdoors on the Great Lawn.

Each senior received a personalized vest as they embark upon their final year at Ranney School. The class as a whole is charged with continuing to lead the school and embodying the spirit of Ranney School with their actions as they spend their final year on campus contributing to the Ranney community in positive and meaningful ways.

“A time-honored Ranney tradition, we present special vests to our seniors that are symbolic of the privileges and responsibilities that are now vested in them as student leaders,” said Head of School Dr. John Griffith, in his remarks to the crowd.  “As a Pre-K through 12th grade school, an important part of Ranney’s culture is transmitted from older students to younger students. When our seniors wear these vests, it is because they have become people worth looking up to; people who make conscientious efforts to bring out the best in their fellow students.”

Co-Class Advisor Adam Materasso, Ranney Dean of College Counseling and Enrollment Management, shared with the class, “This vesting tradition suggests that as the oldest members of the student body, you have been charged with the significant responsibility of serving as role models to your peers. Just as the fleece material of your navy blue vest provides warmth to you, we expect your empathetic nature to be felt by all members of the Ranney School community.”

The speakers at the ceremony advised the students to remain engaged and demonstrate courage and resilience on a daily basis. They reminded the class that the entire faculty, staff, and administration are there to support them, even with the challenges faced this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We hope this is the start of a great year for you,” said Dr. Griffith. “Undoubtedly, in what we have repeatedly come to call unprecedented times, you will face some challenges. If there was ever a time that our values are being tested, it is now. Two of the qualities we have always encouraged in our students are resilience and adaptability. Those are really complementary values, and those character traits have been especially relevant this year.”

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