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Ranney Celebrates World Language Week

Ranney School World Language Department is celebrating World Language Week from February 8 through February 11. Despite the challenges in the face of the current pandemic, the faculty and students have created a week filled with exciting, engaging, and educational activities throughout all three divisions. Please enjoy some of the activities that are able to be shared digitally below: 

Distancia Amigo Distancia is a song that fifth graders learned last year as we were confronting the COVID 19 pandemic at home. We decided to join again to sing the song and show a slideshow to continue the message on how to prevent the spread of COVID19.

Distancia Amigo Distancia slideshow
Remote Learners
In-School Students

Le Grand Concours (5th Grade French)
Le Grand Concours

Lower School students in Pre-K, as well as grades 2, 3, 4, and 5 celebrate the Chinese New Year, making Chinese lanterns, using Chinese paper cutting, and having a Dragon "parade."
Zahira James '34: how to say "wear a mask" in both Chinese and Spanish
Zahira James '34: writing the Chinese character for fish
Sadie Silk '31 and her brother Noah Silk '29: how to say "wear masks" in both Chinese and Spanish
Valerie Chau '31 recites Confucius' Three-Character Sutra
Nikhil Desai '30: how to say "wear masks" in Chinese and Gujarati
Judah Adler '29: Chinese Dialogue Presentation practice
Aidan Grinbukh '29 and Katya Grinbukh '29: how to say "wear a mask" in Russian
Elijah Anderson '28 and Josiah Anderson '29: teaching Mom and Dad Chinese 
Sean Ricard '28 and Brandon Westerfield '28: Chinese Dialogue Presentation
Harley Landers '29: Chinese Dialogue Presentation
Woody Paulus '29 and his sister Sloane '27: Celebrating the Chinese New Year at Home

French Honor Society Presentation to Lower School students
Cynthia Clark '22

AATSP Poster Contest: Celebrating Diversities
Students created posters, highlighting the diversities in the Spanish-speaking and Lusophone worlds.

Spanish 1 and 2:
Covid-19 en el salón de clase
En el “pie forzado” contra el Covid-19

Middle and Upper School Students created a Bulletin Board on Carnaval
Caroline DeBiasi '23

8th through 12th Grade Students: Tarjetas de San Valentín
Students created digital Valentines cards in Spanish to send to either Spanish-speaking patients/frontline workers at Monmouth Medical Center and Jersey Shore Hospital. Patients and workers will receive the Valentines physically. 

During Advisory in Middle School, Upper Schoolers hosted a Kahoot Trivia of French Facts
Lily Egol '22, Ankush Govil '23, Eden Weiss '22, Madison Catanese '22, Cynthia Clark '22

The Chinese Honor Society put together a Chinese New Year presentation. 
Chinese New Year Presentation 

Chinese IV Honors students created cooking demonstrations.
Cooking Demonstration 
Cooking Demonstration 2 

Spanish 1 and 2 celebrate World Languages Week

Spanish 3 Honors students created ABC posts of Spanish Words that derive from Arabic. 

Camaryn Barbanel '22, Crosby Collins '23, Emilia Redman '23, and Cynthia Rivera '23
Sarina Dhaliwal '23, Emily Gizersky '22, Akshay Mann '23
Maya Barthwal '23, Sarah Marty '23, Anya Stavola '23
Emma Blumenkrantz '23, Madison Feldman '22, Priya Gupta '23, Adele Sobieski '23, Yaz Wells '23
Grace Bray '23, John DePalma '23, Rowan Johnson '23, Rasm Monga '23, Kiri Patient '23, Luke Zaslow '23

AP Spanish Students provided some "lesser-known" facts about the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish 3 students discuss some of the benefits of knowing Spanish. 

Students in Spanish 4 created a PowerPoint on information of a specific point of interest on one of the following locations: The Caribbean (El Caribe, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba) 

French 2 students created Valentine Cards, with a statement at the end of why they love French. 

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