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Ranney School Partners with The Social Institute

Ranney School is excited to announce our partnership with The Social Institute, a leader in social-emotional learning, to support families and help students navigate social-emotional health, social media, and technology in positive, high-character ways. Ranney School will be using this program in all three divisions, in grades 4-12. It will be rolled out through Advisory in Upper School and Middle School, and Grades 4 and 5 in Lower School.
This program will not only be accessible for students, but also for parents, with access to informative resources to provide insight into social media, technology, and student experiences, offering discussion prompts that can be incorporated into family conversations. The program povides access to the Parent Tool Kit, a user friendly guide to popular social media apps and trends, resources that support positive student experiences, and discussion topics for engaging family conversations connected to what students learned in the classroom. 
About The Social Institute's #WinAtSocial Program:
The Social Institute’s #WinAtSocial Program provides lessons that address student experiences and social-emotional health, incorporating social media and technology use. Lesson topics are developmentally appropriate, ranging from emotional well-being to soft skills, leadership, and college prep. The program was created in collaboration with student leaders across the country and The Social Institute’s Research Advisory Committee, a group of psychologists and social-emotional learning experts. 
This curriculum is delivered every A-Day for 11th/12th grade and B-Day for 9th/10th grade during Upper School’s Community Time slot, with classes facilitated in small groups by Upper School Faculty. In the middle school, #WinAtSocial is facilitated by advisors during the midday advisory session every third week on C days. We will begin the program on Tuesday, September 21.  In the Lower School, fourth and fifth grade students work with their homeroom teachers on developmentally-appropriate material.
Topics Discussed in the #WinAtSocial Program Include:
  • Reflecting our values, character, and interests in our actions online. 
  • Balancing our time and attention on tech with the people around us. 
  • Surrounding ourselves with positive and credible influences.
  • Using social media as a microphone to create meaningful change. 
  • Finding your own path, no matter the pressure from others.
  • Responding positively to relevant and trending current events.

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