Ranney School community members are expected to be:
  • tolerant and accepting…understanding, empathetic, sympathetic and extending good will to all
  • honest…truthful to oneself and others
  • responsible…accountable for one’s actions and decisions
  • respectful…courteous and considerate at all times
  • trustworthy…reliable to one another
  • accountable…dedicated to upholding the Honor Code with commitment and respect
Understanding, valuing and honoring these character expectations are different for our students at every age and developmental stage. Each division provides education, opportunities, modeling and teachable moments in the education of these character expectations for all students in age appropriate ways.
The character expectations of the school are a fundamental part of our community and are integral parts of academic and student life at Ranney School. The character expectations are expected of all community members.  When students do not value or honor these expectations, each division responds with appropriate follow through and accountability; this will differ throughout the grades and divisions (please refer to division specific community standards and discipline infractions herein).

Our full Honor Code and Community Standards are in the All-School Policies Handbook.

Mission & Strategic Planning

Ranney School is in the process of renewing its Strategic Plan, which was last approved by the Board of Trustees on October 7, 2015. The school's strategic vision, outlined in the statements and priorities below, serves as the foundation for the school’s investment in groundbreaking educational programs, transformative professional development, enhancements to campus, and growth of need-based financial aid.

The school's strategic vision represents a year of transparent, honest, systematic and thoughtful assessment as well as innovative thinking among all of our constituents. The last strategic planning process was led by Head of School Dr. John W. Griffith and the Board of Trustees, in collaboration with the school’s leadership team, and a strategic planning steering committee comprised of parents, alumni, faculty and staff leadership. Our mission is aspirational and speaks to the resounding message of the Ranney community; we must challenge students not just to think critically, but creatively. With this concerted purpose, we affirm our commitment to encouraging students to lead with honor and engage in intentional and meaningful service throughout the community. This vision seeks to distinguish and value our students, deepen our academic and student-life programs, unify our school across divisions, build community spirit and partnerships, and advance our commitment to fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

In parallel to the strategic planning process, the school community took part in an extensive self-study in preparation for its dual accreditation with the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS) and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA); NJAIS/MSA affirmed our 10-year accreditation in the spring of 2015.
Ranney School was established in 1960 to foster the individual aptitudes of students, to provide a warm and nurturing learning community, and to instill a life-long love of learning. Over the past five decades, the school’s core values of knowledge, vision and honor have built the foundation of our school and created a legacy of distinction that we take pride in upholding. We also recognize that in order to maintain our tradition of achievement, our school must be innovative and adaptable to prepare our students for an evolving, global world. As an independent school, we have the opportunity to provide a flexible, responsive, non-traditional learning environment in which we can cherish and grow our students’ unique talents and interests, cultivate lifelong relationships, advance healthy competition, and inspire a balance of mind, body and character—all of which guide our students to reach their fullest personal potential. Therefore, our teachers and students are not only held to the highest standards, but they are also encouraged to be forward-thinkers and to seek out innovative ways of imparting and understanding knowledge so that our graduates can enter the world as confident, passionate, empathetic, versatile young adults.
We envision Ranney School as a nurturing learning community, in which families, faculty, alumni and all of Ranney’s constituents collaborate to distinguish and value every child, foster individual talents, sustain powerful connections between children and adults, and graduate resilient, globally-minded citizens.
To nurture intellectual curiosity and confidence to inspire students to lead honorably, think creatively and contribute meaningfully to society.
We continue to foster an inclusive community that supports a spectrum of cultures, beliefs and talents to promote the intellectual growth and moral development of all members of our community. We are inspired by an awareness and appreciation for diversity, human dignity and interpersonal acceptance.

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Our mission is to nurture intellectual curiosity and confidence to inspire students to lead honorably, think creatively, and contribute meaningfully to society. Learn more.