Motivational Speaker Josh Shipp Provides Students with Key Messages

As part of a new Distinguished Speaker Series, Josh Shipp addressed the Upper School community about facing their fears, and the impact of making choices going forward.
Thanks to a generous, multi-year commitment made by a school family, Ranney was proud to host a Distinguished Speaker Series event for our Upper School community on March 17, 2016. Teen Motivational Speaker Josh Shipp spoke to Upper School students about individual strength and motivation, facing one’s fears, and the impact of making choices going forward.
Mr. Shipp, who specializes in speaking about overcoming teenage challenges such as bullying, has appeared on Good Morning America, Oprah, Anderson Cooper, MTV and Comedy Central. He stars in his own documentary television series called Teen Trouble and is the author of "The Teen’s Guide to World Domination."
Key messages in his talk centered on not settling for being average, the idea of getting better versus bitter, and learning from experiences. For example, Mr. Shipp encouraged students to learn from their failures rather than dwelling on why things go wrong. Every success comes with failure, he said. “All of us have difficulties and challenges, but not all of us will face them.” It’s up to each individual to do so—to be the difference.

Mr. Shipp also spent some time talking about how we as human beings perceive ourselves in relation to how others perceive us, including bullying and its impact on self-esteem. “Don’t make someone else’s words your priority,” he said.
Mr. Shipp’s presentation was part of a new Distinguished Speaker Series at Ranney that aims to provide students with an opportunity to think forward and to grasp hold of traditional as well as new subjects through unique, personal and international perspectives.
He was introduced by New Jersey motivational speaker Yahya Bakkar, who opened with some energizing beat-boxing and confidence building. Mr. Bakkar is the author of “Beyond Motivation” and “The Ultimate Guide to Teen Life,” and has trained with top experts in psychology, physiology and health, including being mentored by Mr. Shipp. 
Next in the speaker series is Matt Diffee, a cartoonist for The New Yorker magazine and a TEDx presenter. On May 6, he will address the Upper School and hold a brief workshop with art students. Mr. Diffee is the editor of "The Rejection Collection" and author of a new book, "Hand Drawn Joes for Smart Attractive People." 
Parents may wish to view Mr. Shipp’s talk on “Every Kid is ONE Caring Adult Away from Being a Success Story,” which is available at

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