Awards & Honors

Blue & White Lifer Society

These distinguished members of the faculty, staff and administration have been recognized for 10 or more years of dedicated service to Ranney School and its students.
Christine Cicero Meghan Kiel
Allison Reddington
Marie Curry Raymond Lindenberg
Laurie Rozzo
Brian Daly Daniel Lippiello
Dorothy Sobieski
Kerry Donovan Nicole Martone
Antonio Vernuccio
Douglas Felter Daniel Moller
Ninetta Vuoso
Lynn Hawkins Meredith Ostroy
Cheryl White
Holly Hovis JoAnn Petrantis
Maureen Wood

Faculty Circle

These distinguished members of the faculty, staff and administration have been recognized
for 15 or more years of dedicated service to Ranney School and its students. 
15 years + 
Noel Delgado
John Doyle
Susan Freedman
Marcia Hernandez 
Katie Hunt
Dede Joseph
David Ketcham
Nancy King
Anna Lazic
Barbara Levine
Wendy Martinez
Adam Materasso
Eileen McEnery
Janine Mitreuter
Meg Moruzzi
Tracy Mutchiga
Cathy Piccirillo
Rich Piccirillo
Jeri Robinson
Rita Silverio
Lillianne Torrente
Betty Williams

20 Years +
Constance Congemi
Joan Fernandez 
Kate Greenberg

Kristen Kapcsos 
Karen Klim
Nancy Rosenthal 
Valerie Schwake 

30 Years +
Barbara Bongiovanni
Doreen Fowlkes

Carol Ann Presley Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Carol Ann Presley Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching was established in 2002 in honor and memory of Ranney School teacher-librarian Carol Ann Presley. Ms. Presley embodied the school’s mission and modeled the standards of excellent teaching through her simple belief that her students always came first. The award, established in Ms. Presley's honor, recognizes teaching excellence and dedicated service to Ranney School and its students.

In her memory, this award is presented, each year, to a faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional excellence in teaching by embodying both the mission and the standards of excellence in teaching. It also recognizes the teacher’s commitment and dedication to Ranney School. Therefore, only teachers who have been with Ranney School for five years or longer are eligible for recognition.

Recipients of the award include: Doreen Fowlkes (2018); Laura Goodrow (2017); Rita Silverio (2016); Meghan Kiel (2015); JoAnn Petrantis (2014); Joan Fernandez (2013); Allison Reddington (2012); Jeri Robinson (2011); Kathleen Hunt (2010); Connie Congemi and Richard Piccirillo (2009); Linda Foster and Elizabeth Williams (2008); Louise Dewar and Nancy Rosenthal (2007); Michael Ling (2006); Jennifer Corboy (2005); Barbara Bongiovanni (2004); Wendy Harrington Allen (2003); and Barbara Brager (2002).

The Faculty Panther Prize

The Panther Prize was established to recognize those teachers who advance the school’s mission in unique ways both in and outside of the classroom and who serve, with excellence, as advisors, homeroom teachers, coaches and leaders of student clubs, programs and activities. The Prize is awarded annually to the faculty member who, through sustained and significant commitment to Ranney students in extracurricular activities, has made a lasting and meaningful impact on the personal and character development of Ranney students.

Recipients of the award include: Lisa Geene and Eileen McEnery (2018); Kristen Kapcsos (2017); Alison DiStefano (2016); Nancy King (2015); Nicole Martone (2014); Meg Moruzzi (2013); Lorraine Benditt and Dr. Dorothy Sobieski (2012); Emmett Walling (2011); Adam Materasso (2010); Barbara Levine, Lillianne Torrente, and Ave Maria Walwark (2009); John Doyle and Nancy Wade (2008); and Dr. Noel Delgado (2007).

Lawrence S. Sykoff, Ed.D., Faculty Fellowship Award

Dr. Lawrence S. Sykoff served as Ranney's Head of School from 1993-2013. The Lawrence S. Sykoff Faculty Fellowship Award was established in 2003 in his name to recognize members of the faculty and administration who embody dynamic qualities of leadership: vision, dedication, perseverance, excellence, resourcefulness and inspiration.

Each year, the award is given to the faculty member or administrator who has best led the charge of “Knowledge, Vision, and Honor” during the school year, through actions that demonstrated excellence and contribution to the mission of teaching our students to Lead Honorably, Think Creatively and Contribute Meaningfully to society. That means the selected faculty member not only embodies these characteristics, but in the spirit of all Ranney Heads of School, has led the way for others as well. 

Recipients of the award include: Dr. Andrea Danial and Dr. Dorothy Sobieski (2018); Allison Reddington (2017); Adam Materasso (2016); Tom Allen (2015); David Ketcham (2014); Constance Congemi (2013); Lillianne Torrente (2012); Nancy Wade (2011); Louise Dewar (2010); John Doyle (2009); David Fischer (2008); Doreen Fowlkes (2007); Emmett Walling (2006); Tom Moriau (2005); Laura Gillroy (2004); and Kate Greenberg (2003).

The Blue Ribbon Award for Teaching Excellence

The Blue Ribbon Award was introduced in 2012 in recognition of excellence in teaching that models the 21st century initiatives. Each year, the award will honor a teacher at Ranney School who demonstrates a visionary approach to teaching. The faculty recipient is a teacher who works to support inter-disciplinary approaches to teaching, who interacts and plans with faculty across grade levels and departments, who works to provide real world experiences and opportunities for students, employs technology to support instruction, learning and assessment, and to a teacher who models the highest levels of ethics and demonstrates leadership in teaching through expertise in collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, inspiration and ingenuity. The teacher embodies the qualities necessary for success in the 21st century and models these qualities for students and colleagues with the highest level of standards.
Recipients of the award include: Nachum Serota and Pauline Swiatocha (2018); Laura Pongrac and Laurie Rozzo (2017); Noel Delgado and Kerry Donovan (2016), Judy Salisbury (2015), Mark DiGiovanni and Maureen Wood (2014), Tom Allen and Barbara Levine (2013)

The Head of School Award for Outstanding Leadership

The Head of School Award for Outstanding Leadership was established in 2008 and is awarded to a faculty member, administrator, group or community leader who demonstrates extraordinary leadership, characterized by the highest standards of professional commitment and dedication to the school. Like all excellent leaders, the award recipient embodies ethical leadership, decisive leadership and service to the community. Most importantly, the award recipient is not only dedicated to serving the school, its mission and the school's community, but models the values of leadership for others.

Recipients have included: Valerie Schwake (2015), Adam Materasso (2014), Ranney School Parents' Association (2013), Edward Curtin (2012), Kathleen Deeken (2011), The Ranney School Parents' Association (2010), Teresa Nielsen (2010), The Ranney School Board of Trustees (2009), Patricia Marshall (2008) and Heather Rudisi (2008).

The Daniel B. Goldberg, M.D., Mission-Promise Award

Dr. Daniel Goldberg was President of Ranney School's Board of Trustees from 2001-2011. Additionally, he served as a member of the Board of Trustees for 13 years, commencing in 1998. During his tenure, the school emerged as one of the nation’s premier educational institutions; guiding the Board and the School with enthusiasm and leadership, always acting in the best interests of the school’s mission.  His sustained leadership for so many years is one of the hallmarks of his illustrious record of service.

In honor of Dr. Goldberg’s longstanding dedication to service and leadership, the Mission-Promise award honors a faculty member/academic leader at Ranney School who demonstrates sustained leadership, paving the way for others to reach their full potential. The award recipient must be a member of the Ranney School educational community with 10 or more years of service to the school.

Recipients have included: Doreen Fowlkes (2015), John Doyle (2014), Lillianne Torrente (2013), Adam Materasso (2012), Myronee Simpson (2012), and Joseph Tweed (2012).

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