"A Ranney education comes with the assurance of knowing the teachers are committed to the students and their families. Their educational model, which blends traditional academic and adaptive methodologies, aims to secure academic excellence for all of their students along with a deep-rooted sense of personal pride. I’m proud to send my children to a school where they can thrive in a safe, educational environment with a well-rounded curriculum that includes academic, social, moral and physical learning.”
-Jennifer Kane, parent of Pierce, Class of 2023, and Marlena, Class of 2030

Lower School Curriculum

Our Teaching Principles

As a community, we take pride in knowing that our children will grow up in the Lower School continuing to develop a love and respect for learning that will prepare them to assume the challenges of leadership in the world beyond the Ranney gates. Supporting students through their educational and social development requires a strong partnership between school and home. Therefore, we always welcome and encourage ongoing communication and participation in the learning process with our Ranney families.

Our curriculum and teaching philosophy were developed to support each stage of a child’s development, recognizing that no two children develop at the same rate. The foundation of the Lower School’s academic program is its outstanding faculty - teachers who are highly experienced and highly qualified to implement instructional approaches that identify student potential, inspire children to meet high standards and engage children at all levels of learning to innovate and create.

Whether it’s exploring the themes of President’s Day by demonstrating knowledge and understanding of historical events and the principles of patriotism, celebrating Dental Health Month with activities on hygiene and healthy eating, or developing math skills by leapfrogging along a life-size number line, building robots, blogging and avatar designing–Lower School is all about children being involved in learning and “making it real.”

Differentiated Instruction

Teachers are encouraged to develop multiple avenues for helping students meet the standards of the Lower School academic program in a manner best suited to their learning style. Prior to the opening of the school year, teachers review each student with previous teachers and parents as needed to identify student capacities and potentials and well as challenges in all areas of development and curriculum. This information along with early observation and student input, informs teachers in their planning of student goals from Beginners, through Grade 5. As students mature, they take a more active role in establishing their learning goals.

In order for a students to establish their personal learning goals, they must develop a self-awareness of their capacities over time. Metacognition is an important tool used to develop that self-awareness regarding understanding one’s personal learning style. Students are guided through exercises that help them develop their ability to analyze their thinking and learning needs.

This approach to student learning offers a comprehensive perspective of each child's talents, so each individual’s intellectual potential can flourish. Once identified, the goals become a tool for teachers to differentiate curriculum that is rich in skill development, comprehension, application, ingenuity and analysis. They provide a framework that guides the definition of rigorous outcomes, yet contemporary in instruction and thorough in assessment. As students mature, they develop the ability to advocate and adapt as they strive for excellence.

Our Academic Approach

Lower School is a unique and nurturing place for young children, including our Early Childhood Beginners (3-year-olds) and Pre-K Program, as well as our Kindergarten through Fifth Grade programs, to develop an investigative spirit and build academic and social confidence. Lower School introduces students to their first school experience, providing a caring environment guided by experienced professional educators who encourage their students to cherish learning and most importantly, to value the contributions and support of peers and adults in their learning community. With the use of diverse teaching methodologies, balanced with traditional resources and modern technologies students learn to explore new concepts, employ skills, exchange thoughts with teachers and peers, and begin to develop forward thinking while embracing the ethos of the school’s mission of leading honorably, thinking creatively and contributing meaningfully to society.

Starting at age three, students begin to develop skills and an appreciation for the visual and performing arts during art and music class. In the Early Childhood program and continuing throughout all Lower School grade levels, students explore world languages (Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese), discover the nature of living organisms the functionality of simple machines and the delicate balances of our environment in science labs and Innovation Station. Lower School students use varied technology tools such as Smart Boards, desktop computers, laptops, iPads and cameras, and begin to navigate the library for both leisure reading and research.

During their elementary years, our students are expected to use their intellect to question and investigate beyond books and the classroom. In small and inclusive class settings Lower School children are encouraged to be a part of the Ranney community, actively participating in learning while working at a pace that allows for achievement and confidence building. Supported by teachers who encourage individual interests, talents and approaches to learning, this rich educational environment fosters an enthusiastic exploration and understanding of subjects, and the ability to apply knowledge and skills to lessons learned throughout the Lower School years.

We believe that students who are active and learn to find healthy balance in life will reach their hopes and dreams with care and perspective. Thus, throughout each week, our students partake in physical education, aquatics and outdoor play. Each child’s experience is also extended to a variety of unique on and off campus curricular and extracurricular activities such as clubs, athletics, field trips and special projects such as the fifth-grade Capstone. When students “Cross the Lawn” to the Middle School, they carry with them the scholarship, the study skills and a zeal for learning that they acquired in the Lower School.

Our Early Childhood Education Program

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