Our three-year-old students are getting a taste of technology—and the world—this year through a series of virtual/Skype field trips with parents and other grownups. Here, they "visit" a New York City office. Another trip led them to Florida's Wakodahatchee Wetlands where they saw egrets, trees growing in the water and an alligator!

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Lower School Student Life

Community Service

Acts of service are important in developing positive and proactive citizenship and leadership skills. In Lower School, we encourage all students to participate in service opportunities. In the early childhood years, students learn to be active participants in their classroom communities and serve as integral members of a working classroom. Each child shares in tasks and responsibilities and is expected to abide by the classroom rules and guidelines. As the students grow through the ranks, our Lower School students are encouraged to serve as active members of the school community, participating in keeping the campus clean, recycling, making morning announcements and assisting in the betterment of our school.
Each year, Lower School participates in meaningful service programs, some of which may be off campus. Many of these programs are relevant to the lives of our students and involve outreach to children. Lower School students participate in supporting school-wide and Division service acts (Panthers with a Purpose) as well, and we recognize that our students are also genuinely interested in supporting a cause or raising awareness for special organizations. When a student expresses a particular interest in a service program, he/she can complete a community service application (applications are available for students in grades 4 and 5 in the Lower School Office). If a student’s service application is approved, the student will be permitted to lead an awareness or fundraising program in the Lower School. Applications are reviewed in the context of the whole school in order to support the approved activities appropriately.

After-School Activities & Sports

After-School Activities
After-school activities in the Lower School are scheduled in multiple sessions each trimester, lasting for seven weeks each session. Activities meet once a week and are conducted until 4:30 p.m. Registrations for these clubs will be collected approximately two weeks before each session and will designate age- and grade-level participation. There is a new array of offerings each trimester. Pick-up is at 4:30 p.m. at the main entrance to the Lower School. Students not picked up will be sent to AfterCare located at the end of the Lower School Academic Complex.

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Weekend Sports Clinics
In addition, Lower Schoolers can participate in our PANTHER CUBS PROGRAM. This parent-driven athletic enrichment program, open to Ranney students in Beginners through Grade 5 allows boys and girls to learn fundamental skills in sports such as soccer, tennis and swimming, in a fun and structured setting that focuses on teamwork and good sportsmanship, laying the groundwork for participation in the Middle and Upper School Panther athletic programs.

Awards & Recognitions

Ranney students are recognized for achievement in many areas. Academics, citizenship, spirit, fine arts, sports, drama, music and science are a few areas in which students are recognized for excellence and effort. In Lower School, we offer such distinction to groups of students within the division and within specific grade levels, encouraging our students to work as integral members of a team. Individual distinctions may take place at all grade levels, and usually occur at our monthly Division Gatherings. These awards support the school’s mission and promote the full development of the child.

We're "All In" - the Lower School Gathering Song

Wake up singing, jumping out of bed.
Ideas ringing ‘round inside my head.
Run or ride, I’m getting on my way.
I can tell it’s gonna be my day.

All in! Gonna give my everything.
All is what I’m gonna bring.
All in! In my work or in my play,
Every minute every day,
I’ll be all that I can be,
and very soon you’ll see, I’m all in!

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