Middle School Curriculum

In Middle School our challenge is to prepare students for the rigors of Upper School and at the same time acknowledging the complex social, emotional and physical issues that are unique to early adolescence. Our exceptional faculty plays a crucial role in their preparation offering firm but caring guidance and clarity about academic goals and expectations. Without question, dedicated teachers, committed to student success, are part of every student’s growth and success in the critical Middle School years. Faculty who also serve as advisors, coaches and activity leaders provide the direction and stability that promote student achievement.

The Middle School curriculum helps students maintain their focus and keep their studies on track by recognizing their different interests and abilities. While every student is capable, they are often capable in different ways. For this reason, our program is tailored to each student’s strengths, providing opportunities for every member of our 6th through 8th grade community to achieve success in Middle School, preparing them for the many challenges and opportunities in Upper School and beyond.

The Middle School curriculum includes a yearly schedule of electives, an activities program built into the weekly calendar, and a Middle School math sequence that meets the needs of students who require a more focused introduction to higher-order mathematical thinking as well as those who are able to move quickly through both Algebra I and Geometry. This specially structured and integrated curriculum addresses the needs of all students at all levels of ability, helping build confidence and draw connections between academic subjects and extracurricular activities.

Our six-day rotating schedule ensures that students have adequate and consistent exposure to all academic courses. Informed planning, based on the best of what is known about middle school teaching and learning, includes exposure to such electives as computer science, which develops electronic and oral presentation skills, history of drama, an introductory study of music and visual art, which complements studies in literature and history and sponsors exhibits in the Blue and White Gallery. Similarly, Middle School athletes can immerse themselves in their chosen sport with in-season daily practices held in part during the physical education period.

For students, the Middle School years can run the gamut, from a time of exciting personal growth and development to a period of seemingly insurmountable personal challenges. It is the Middle School faculty’s job to ensure students don't get “stuck in the middle.” Our faculty does an extraordinary job making sure that this doesn’t happen by making Middle School a time of unique opportunity and exciting passage on the road to adulthood. Our teachers take great pride in helping each student not only adapt but excel in the Middle School years.

Teachers and advisors work passionately to develop strong and lasting relationships with each of their students, and these relationships are the sparks that ignite the flames of learning. With this knowledge, Middle School teachers work with each child to develop and define their academic strengths and social skills, assisting them as they grow and mature into gifted students with a love for learning. Our teachers' understanding of adolescent learners and their specific knowledge of our students provide an excellent resource for parents, as well as lays the foundation for the partnership between school and family that is so important in the Ranney community.

Advising Program

Our unique Advisory Program pairs each student with a single teacher for the course of each school year. Advisors meet daily with their group of 10-12 students during homeroom and advising periods. Advisors guide and monitor each student’s academic and social progress, and are available to counsel students on issues ranging from time management and academics to peer conflicts. Advisors also regularly consult with each advisee's individual subject teachers and parents, gathering as much information as possible to guide their work with each advisee. Advisors maintain regular contact with parents through email and phone and also formally meet with parents during regularly scheduled academic conferences, providing feedback and assistance as students progress through the educational process. The Advisor role is integral to each student’s success, as it gives faculty insight into each student’s concerns, interests and abilities, both inside and outside the classroom, thereby providing the support and understanding that is so essential to young adults.


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