• Presenting at Monmouth Univ.

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  • 2017 Winter Youth Assembly at UN Headquarters

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  • The Peace & Justice Project: Phase III Art Installations

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  • Peace & Justice Project (2016-17)

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  • The Peace & Justice Project: Phase II Photography

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  • The Peace & Justice Project: Phase I

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  • Global Citizens Projects

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Global Citizens Signature Program

The Peace & Justice Project

Throughout the 2016-17 school year, Ranney students have been working on special projects to support Global Peace & Justice, which is #16 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a follow-on program to last year’s SDG partnership with the UN and Monmouth University, the History and Art Departments collaborated to research, craft, and present to the community a variety of projects that raise awareness of key global challenges.
Projects  include photography, artwork, and campus exhibitions that demonstrate peace and justice in nonverbal ways, as well as visual and verbal presentations. In the first half of the year, art students worked with the Global Citizens student group to create presentations, photography, and art installations that raise awareness about the global challenges associated with the education of girls. 

View videos showcasing Phase I (Brainstorming), Phase II (Photography), and Phase III (Art Installations) of this project. The same group will focus on human rights, with special attention paid to current Syrian refugees, in the second half of the year.  

Global Citizens Club

Launched in 2015, the Upper School club allows students to use project-based learning to develop global citizenship skills. Students will work with Monmouth University faculty members to focus on one ore more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. This year, students will focus on Peace and Justice (SDG #16) as well as Quality Education (SDG #4). The club will meet as needed to collaborate with other student groups and promote the SDGs to the Ranney community. In addition, students will have an opportunity to attend the UN Department of Public Information's student summits and conferences, including the Spring 2017 trip Global Student Leaders Summit in Peru (see International Trips on this page)

Global Citizens Course Elective

This project-based Upper School leadership course, established in 2016-17, centers around what it means to be a global citizen. Open to 10th-11th graders, the course is organized thematically and follows the United Nations model of presentation and debate - meaning it uses technologies best suited to reach a global audience. This experiential program aims to provide students with the knowledge, tools, and skills to address the challenges of a global community. Highlights of the course include:
  • Socratic discussion of the problems that society faces today
  • Virtual collaboration to problem solve world issues creatively
  • Developing the technological skills to research, record, and reveal to our community today's relevant global issues 
  • Experiential learning through Model UN competitions and visits to UN Headquarter in New York City
  • Project-based curricula (in partnership with the Global Nomads Group
  • Student leadership and facilitation in educating our school community on global problems 
  • Optional student leadership trips to collaborate with other students on global issues
  • Opportunities to contribute locally and globally to have a meaningful impact on our interconnected society. 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Study Group

In 2015-16, Ranney Upper School students participated in a unique partnership with Monmouth University, the United Nations Division of Sustainable Development (UN-DESA), and the UN Department of Public Information (UN-DPI). Throughout the year, they worked to research and educate our school community about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), presented in September 2015 by the United Nations, and accepted by all the Member States, to ensure a life of dignity and fulfillment for everyone worldwide. The students researched and created presentations on specific SDGs. They also attended presentations and youth meetings at the UN and heard from several expert lecturers at Monmouth University regarding the global problems our students face today and possible solutions. Learn more about their work and the SDGs on our Ranney-Monmouth UN SDG Partnership webpage.

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