Upper School

Grades 9-12
Physical Education & Health
Throughout the student’s Upper School years, the emphasis in the physical education program is on organized team activity, lifetime sports and personal fitness, including yoga, weight training and tennis. Active participation, good sportsmanship, fitness, refinement of physical skills and knowledge of the rules are also emphasized. The Upper School Health program is designed to help students make healthy choices related to various social and emotional issues.

During the fall, winter and spring, any student who is a member of an athletic team will start practice for the sport during physical education class. Any Upper School student who is a member of a junior varsity or varsity team may be excused from physical education class for that season. Those students must attend a monitored study hall on those days.
Alternate physical education policy: The Physical Education Department will evaluate individual requests from Upper School students to substitute outside physical activities in place of their physical education classes. Each request will be reviewed by the physical education department chair, the Athletic Director and the Head of Upper School. To be eligible for alternate physical education, the activity must reflect an appropriate level of physical exertion, be an activity that is not already offered at Ranney and meet a required minimum of 10 hours per week of instruction and/or supervision by your supervisor or another teacher or coach who works in conjunction with your supervisor. The student is required to keep a bi-monthly journal describing the activity and time involved and submit it to the physical education department chair. These log sheets must be handed in on time to ensure an individual’s continuation with the project.
Health and Wellness Programming
The Upper School recognizes the significance of health and wellness education in the development of adolescents. Health and Wellness programs are provided by the Physical Education department scheduled throughout the school year for grades 9-12 and take the form of small group seminar sessions, guest speakers, and all-school assemblies. These sessions, which are frequently taught by guest teachers and specialists, will cover a variety of important topics, ensuring that all Ranney graduates have been provided a broad Health and Wellness education. Topics covered each year include: 
Healthy Eating                                 Substances and Abuse
Eating Disorders                               Addiction Studies
Alcohol and Tobacco                          Stress Management
Human Sexuality                              Fitness and Sleep
& Contraception                                Alcohol and Driving
Healthy Relationships & Anti-Bullying

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