Academic life becomes more formalized and structured in Kindergarten. Students come to school dressed in uniform and are expected to accomplish tasks in various settings and manage their own supplies. Playtime remains an important part of the program, but now there is much more emphasis on academic instruction and lengthening attention span. Kindergarten students focus on the development of listening, speaking, thinking and writing skills. In Kindergarten, we develop organizational skills and independent work habits. Students learn to take responsibility for following directions and completing homework class projects. Students also learn to become responsible citizens within the school community as they help their teacher, grade-level faculty and peers with classroom tasks.

The primary goals for kindergarten students are to become independent readers and eager problem solvers. They explore language arts, learn to recognize consonants and vowels, apply phonetic rules and recognize weekly “red” words. These skills are developed using the Orton-Gillingham approach to foundational literacy skills. Through sentence writing and drawing, students begin to develop self-expression. In Mathematics, students learn to problem solve and help their teacher with daily word problems that focus on sequence, pattern tracking and on the monthly calendar. Students are also expected to grasp numerical concepts, such as numbers with greater or lesser values; solve math problems in addition and subtraction up to the number 18; and count by twos, fives and tens up to 100.

In addition to classroom subjects, Kindergarten students also explore art, music, world languages, library, science, health, technology and physical education (including aquatics), with specialized teachers for each area. Favorite projects among our Kindergarten students include our family traditions study and student-of-the-week presentations, which support the development of information gathering, public speaking and creativity resulting in families becoming an integral part of our classroom life.

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