New Families

The following letter was written by Mrs. Fadia Kruse, parent of Alexa (Class of 2029) and Lachlan (Class of 2031), to Ranney Lower School Head Dr. Andrea Danial after joining our community in the 2016-17 school year
I wanted to reach out to you to provide some feedback on our experience with Ranney so far as a new Ranney family. Both my husband and I are extremely happy with the experience we have had on all levels and are very glad to have made the move. Lexi and Lachlan just love going to school and that means so much. They look forward to drop off and they have big smiles on their faces at pick up.  Lexi is always excited to fill me in on her day and she has nothing but great things to say about her classmates and her teacher, Miss Innocenti.  Lachlan clearly loves having Mrs. Silverio and Mrs. Engles as teachers. They are so warm and nurturing and have so much energy, which I'm sure the children love. 
Lexi and Lachlan are already learning so much. Lexi's interest in learning to read is growing every day but even more so, I feel both children are learning so much more about the world.  They come home excited ​about what they have learned, whether it's how to create an explosion in science class, how to say ‘hello’ in Chinese, which foods are considered healthy foods, or what they need to do when crossing the street. It makes me so happy to know that they are constantly learning and it is clearly because they are happy, engaged, and interested in what they are being taught.
We also love the fact that everyone we encounter in the school is so kind and helpful. All of the teachers know our children's names and welcome them in a friendly and thoughtful manner wherever they are in the school. This goes such a long way. It gives us comfort knowing that you, [Head of School] Dr. Griffith, and your teachers go above and beyond to get to know each and every student and have them feel more at home.  
We noticed from the day we enrolled our children that the Lower School is very organized. We appreciate the open and regular communication with the teachers and with [our admissions director] Meredith during the enrollment process. Everyone goes above and beyond to make the experience for the parents easier. Everything from the parent portal pages, the homeroom updates, the Beginners Twitter feed, direct email communication with the teachers, and the inclusion of parents in classroom activities all help to ensure our children are taken care of and get the education we expect. The events organized by the school have also been such a pleasant experience​, as they have provided us with the opportunity to get to know other parents at the school and allow our children to get to know their friends outside of school in a less formal setting. 
One last thing that we appreciate as parents is the all-inclusive fee structure. We pay a premium to send our children to private school, but at Ranney we feel that we get value for our money.  It is so nice to not worry about school supplies, food, after care, family events, and school trips.  For us, this just adds to the value of the school.
​We truly appreciate your leadership of the Lower School. It is clear to us that your leadership has had such a positive impact on the school and we get the same sense from other parents with whom we have spoken.​ Thank you for making this transition for our children and us so enjoyable.  We are excited to watch our children continue to grow, learn, and excel at Ranney. 


An additional new parent perspective, written by Jessica Fitch Olmstead, parent of Jackson ’29

“We have been completely overjoyed with the overwhelming warm welcomes offered to our family. There is no shadow of doubt that we made the best decision in choosing our son’s academic home. Jackson has always previously been very tight-lipped about his school days, but he has come home every day with endless stories and smiles!

“The teachers are so very enthusiastic and clearly passionate about making all of our kids the best humans they can be. We are so very proud to be a member of the Ranney family ... and that truly is what everyone (parents, students, and faculty alike) makes it feel like—a family, and we look forward to all Panther adventures ahead!”


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