Abby B., Class of 2018, on being a scholar-athlete
I have been a student at Ranney since Kindergarten and have had a very positive experience with the athletic program. Since Middle School, I've played on the soccer and lacrosse teams, ran track, and swam. I've been fortunate to have really good coaches and the opportunity to make strong friendships. 

Our campus has state-of-the-art facilities that allow for optimum play. We also have a trainer on staff, which is unheard of in most schools. I've paid visits to our Athletic Trainer, Neila Buday, many times over the years for issues relating to both Ranney play and ailments I've incurred from outside sports. She has performed on-site physical therapy, making it easier to get help when I need it.

Playing sports requires a big time commitment and a lot of hard work. Ranney coaches are always there pushing us every step of the way and promoting positive sportsmanship. Due to our school’s small size, we might not be competitive in all the sports we are involved with, but the coaches and players always give 100%. Our athletes have big hearts and huge drives for the sports we play, and I know the relationships I've made with my teammates and coaches will not end when I graduate, but will be life-long. 

Being a three-sport athlete and handling the academic load at Ranney has not been easy, but has been made possible with the help and cooperation of my coaches and teachers. As an independent, college preparatory school, Ranney encourages students to be successful in the classroom and on the field. Teachers and coaches respect both areas of pursuit and have worked with me to excel across the board. Whether I'm leaving a class early to make a game or missing a practice to attend a Math League competition, they work together to allow me to experience both sports and academics to the fullest degree. My coaches and teachers are always in communication with each other with my best interests at heart. 

As a result, I've learned how to juggle a rigorous academic load along with a full athletic load . I've learned time management, how to prioritize, and how to utilize my teachers, coaches, and peers as invaluable resources. My experiences have taught me that hard work, dedication, and discipline are required to be a true scholar-athlete

Looking ahead, I plan to play collegiate soccer (I verbally committed to play soccer at The University of Georgia as a sophomore). I feel that my academic preparation at Ranney as well as the ability to play all the sports I have played over the past three years helped me get to this goal!

I also want to encourage all young girls to get involved in sports. It is very healthy to be in the best possible shape you can be, and being part of a team is rewarding in so many aspects, including life-long friendships. All of the characteristics that go into being a successful athlete—focus, hard work, discipline, and determination—also go into being a successful student and, in turn, having a successful life.

Abby is a member of the National Honor Society, French National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society, Science Honor Society, and National Art Honor Society, In addition to Varsity Soccer at Ranney – where she’s broken school records and earned recognition as a top goal shooter in New Jersey, Abby plays forward on the nationally ranked PDA O'Reilly Club Soccer Team.

Alex K., Class of 2019, on being a scholar-athlete

When I arrived at Ranney as a Middle School student, I had many athletic and academic ambitions. I wanted to make a big impact on the the school’s basketball team while getting an ideal college preparatory education. I found myself fitting right in and felt like a member of the Ranney Community immediately.
Ranney students and teachers immediately welcomed me into the Middle School and helped to set me on the path to achieve my goals. Today, as I get ready to enter my junior year of Upper School, I am not only a two-season varsity athlete (basketball and track & field), but I am also a proud and active member in student life.
During my first two years of Upper School, coaches pushed my teammates and I to work our hardest while also emphasizing the importance of balancing daily practices, training, and games with proper study habits. At times, managing AP courses (I’ve taken AP US History and plan on taking two more APs as a junior) and high-level basketball competitions (our team made it to the semifinals of the Shore Conference and NJSIAA Non-Public South B Stats tournaments, for example) was not the easiest of tasks. Yet, I have always felt supported by my teachers and coaches. Succeeding in each aspect would not have been possible without the dedication Ranney gives to its students.
I am also thankful for the opportunity to try out and pursue new sports, which Ranney encourages among all students. In my sophomore year, I competed in the spring sports season for the first time as a member of the Track & Field team. I set many personal goals, even managing to set a school record in the 400 m hurdles. Once again, coaches pushed me and helped me realize the importance of being part of a team and the benefits of participating in sports.
In addition to athletics, Ranney offers many extracurricular opportunities. I am a Team Captain in the school’s globally competitive Robotics Program, of which I have been a member of for three years, and in 2017-18, I will represent the Class of 2019 as Class President for the third consecutive year. It has been a delight working with students to achieve our class vision.
Overall, I can already tell that the relationships I have made in just a few years as a Ranney scholar-athlete are going to be life-lasting. I am a proud to attend this school, and I look forward to giving back in my junior and senior years all the great support shown to me.

View a video perspective with Varsity Basketball player Scottie Lewis, Class of 2019 here (Ranney's YouTube Channel).



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