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World Language Students Earn Top Rankings in 2017 National Exams

Ranney students across all divisions have earned high honors once again on their national French and Spanish language exams. Sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, and the American Association of Teachers of French, respectively, the national exams evaluate students’ written, oral, and listening comprehension skills in the language.
“Our World Language Program is continuously striving to look for opportunities where students can demonstrate their communicative skills in the target language,” says Jeanette Cordero, Acting Head of Ranney’s World Language Department. “Students are increasingly taking the challenge to enhance their experience in upgrading their language proficiency.  As a result, and as demonstrated by these exams, they are acquiring language, not just learning it.”

National French Contest – 8 Medals and 5 Top-10 National Rankings

Ranney Upper School French Language students achieved top ranks across the state and the country in the 2017 Le Grand Concours (National French Contest).  More than 85,000 students across the country competed in the French event – Ranney students, taught by Isabelle Daly, won three gold medals, three silver medals, one bronze medal, and five honorable mentions. Two of our French language students ranked 2nd and 3rd in the New Jersey Chapter, and seven students’ scores were among the top 12 in national rankings!
Congratulations to: Gold Medalists Catherine Vucetic ’19 (2nd Place in the New Jersey Chapter, 6th Place nationally), Ankur Govil ’18 (3rd Place New Jersey Chapter, 7th Place nationally), and Anna Effenberger ’19 (7th Place  in New Jersey Chapter,  8th Place nationally); Silver Medalists Paul Jensen ’18 (8th Place in New Jersey Chapter, 12th Place nationally), Victoria Cuciniello ’18 (5th Place in New Jersey Chapter, 9th Place nationally), and Jacqueline Erler ’18 (7th Place in New-Jersey Chapter, 11th Place nationally); and Bronze Medalist Tommy Jensen ’20 (8th Place in New-Jersey Chapter, 12th Place nationally).
Honorable mentions were earned by Jacquie Baron ‘20, Charlotte Clark ‘20, Nelly Fadil ‘20, Mia Glass ‘19, and Sophia Salvador ‘19.

One Lower School students, taught by Nancy Rosenthal, were also honored for scoring in the top 20th percentile nationally. Congratulations to fifth-grader Sean Kennedy, who received a top-10 ranking at the national level (rank 9), and will receive a Bronze Medal. In addition, fifth-graders Shaya Kazmi ranked 11, Sophia Lennon ranked 12, and Lindsay Berliner ranked 13—all three will receive an Honor Medal.

“Our French curriculum is based on learning French and Francophones through an enriching educational experience, promoting an awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity,” says Upper School French Teacher Isabelle Daly. “Our outcome-oriented approach provides a framework to monitor students’ progress and achievement in learning French language as a global life skill.”
National Spanish Exam: 18 Medals across the Middle and Upper School Divisions
Ranney Upper School Spanish Language students, led by teachers Heidi Bonney and Maria Garcia, earned three gold, five silver, and three bronze medals, along with 17 honorable mentions. More than 150,000 students across the United States took the 2017 Spanish language exam.

Congratulations to sophomores Jacob Egol, Audrey Myers, and Fabio Tessiore on earning Gold; sophomores Shayna Field, Lindsey Maher, and Joseph Strizhak and freshmen Summer AbdelBarry and Victoria Gualario on earning Silver; and sophomores Elizabeth Hsu, Kathryn Peardon and Allison Sobieski on earning Bronze.
Honorable Mentions included: Jenna Banks ’19, Katherine Bibilouri, ’18, Nina Baugh ’19, Lilly Blumenkrantz ’20, Jack DeNicola ’17, Luke Denver-Moore ’19, Jacob Field ’19, Cameron Giblin ’19, Natalie Gualario ’20, Samantha Maris ’19, Seth Marx ’20, Elizabeth Moore ’19, Himani Nayyar ’19, Zahrah Siddiq ’18, Aidan Smires ’20, Matt Wrigley ’20, and Cindy Zhang ‘19.
Says Spanish language student Fabio Tessiore, “I love my class's atmosphere with Señora Garcia and how we only talk in Spanish for the period. I like that we can advance at our own rate and level. To me, Spanish has a fun and upbeat connotation in the way it is spoken and taught. I think this is partly due to the way Ranney has taught me it this year and the preceding years.”
Our eighth-grade Middle School Spanish Language students earned one Gold Medal - Elena Raccuia; one Silver Medal - Noelle Rustico; and five Bronze medals - Anna Chalnick, Gina Hanna, Samantha Jackman, Benjamin Sullens, and Dylan Warren. Honorable Mentions went to: Annabella Andiorio, Jillian Chandler, Saxon Dinowitz, Ava Floyd, Gabrielle Goldwert, Jessica Hamelsky, Adam Rada, Isabel Sternbeck, and Megan Yerrabelli.

Congratulations to all of our World Language students! Ranney begins world language instruction in Spanish and French, as well as Mandarin Chinese, at the age of 3 as part of our Early Childhood Education program. When they reach the Upper School, students are required to complete the third level of a chosen world language, with many students enrolling in AP courses or choosing to study two world languages.

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