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Ranney Board of Trustees

The Role of the Board

Independent schools like Ranney are governed by an independent Board of Trustees. The role of the Board of Trustees is to steward the mission and purpose of our school. The Board: hires, supports, and evaluates the Head of School; oversees strategic planning to ensure the school’s programs are effective and fall in line with its mission; provides financial oversight of the school’s budget and operations; and ensures the legal and ethical integrity of the school. Trustees are advocates for the school; they actively support the Head of School, keep themselves well informed about the school’s current operations, challenges and goals, and attend full Board and Committee meetings regularly. It is not the duty of the Board of Trustees to operate the school, nor to hire or fire faculty and administrators. 

The Board of Trustees also oversees a number of standing committees, which are comprised of both Trustees and individuals who are not Trustees (with the exception of the Executive Committee, Governance Committee, and the Finance Committees, which are only comprised by Trustees). 

Becoming a Board Member

The opportunity to join the Board of Trustees begins with participation on a Board Committee. To join a Board Committee, an individual may express interest by contacting a current Board Member or a member of the Ranney Leadership Team (i.e., Head of School, Assistant Head of School, or Chief Advancement Officer). Members of the Board and Leadership Team often also nominate prospective Committee members for particular Committees based on their experience or expertise. A member of the Governance Committee will meet with prospective Committee members prior to inviting them to join a Committee. Individuals are asked to make a one- or two-year commitment to the Committee.

Committee members may be nominated to become Trustees of the Board after serving on a Board Committee for one or two years. To be considered as a new Trustee, the individual must be nominated/identified by a Committee Chair, the Governance Chair, the Board Chair, or the Head of School. Candidates then participate in interviews with the Head of School, Board Chair, Governance Chair, and one or two Trustees. Pending approval, the individual is invited to join the Board.

The timeframe for nominating and reviewing new Committee members and Trustees runs January-May each year. New terms align with the academic year, beginning July 1. All Board Members are required to sign Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest statements.

2019-20 Board of Trustees

Robert Chandler, Chair 
Joseph GuilianoVice Chair
Christian GiordanoSecretary 
Michael AbboudTreasurer 

Dr. Ramil Bhatnagar
Dr. Shamina Dhillon 
Sandy Epstein
Ross Gale '07
Dr. Walter Greason '91
David Maris '86 
Kenneth Moore
Irene Paulus '96
Diane Schmelz
Kamalpreet Virdi 
Jamie Price, Trustee Emeritus
Brian Torpey, M.D., Trustee Emeritus
Christopher FitzmauriceTrustee Emeritus

Board Committees

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Development

    Facilitates partnerships among school community members in an effort to cultivate philanthropic support.
  • Finance

    Works with staff to develop and report on the school’s long-range financial plan, investments, and annual budget, including tuition. Participation on this committee is limited to Trustees.
  • Ad Hoc Committees

    Strategic Planning, Crisis Management, Legal Advisory, and Medical Advisory
  • Marketing

    Develops internal and external outreach strategies; supports collaboration with the local community.
  • Education & Student Life

    Monitors progress made toward strategic academic and student life initiatives.
  • Governance

    Cultivates new committee members and Trustees, and facilities the board’s self-assessment. Participation on this committee is limited to Trustees.
  • Executive

    Coordinates the work of the Board and is comprised of the Board's officers; oversees evaluation of Head’s performance and sets the head’s compensation. Participation on this committee is limited to Trustees.
  • Campus Operations

    Works with staff to develop and monitor the master site plan, including the review of security and sustainability.

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