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Providing the Support for Students to Thrive

Ranney’s Student Support Department includes many facets of support for students in all three divisions, focusing on a strong foundation and serving the needs of the whole-child. Our team is dedicated to nurturing confident learners who lead honorably, think creatively, and contribute meaningfully. We believe that seeing and valuing each child holistically through their academic, social-emotional, and personal pursuits helps develop the connections needed for them to tap into their full potential with purpose.

School Counseling

The Social Emotional Wellness and Counseling Department at Ranney School provides both proactive and reactive services to Ranney School students. The counselors meet with students in classes or grade levels for developmentally appropriate social-emotional learning and discussion in addition to individual sessions.

Academic Support

Ranney offers a strong academic program within a nurturing environment of faculty, advisors, coaches, and learning specialists. We aim to provide each student with the experience of being known and valued and help them strive for personal excellence while taking ownership for their learning through developmentally appropriate goals. An emphasis on developing self-advocacy and executive functioning skills is woven throughout the student experience. Thoughtful collaboration and partnership between learning specialists, faculty, parents, and others is a hallmark of the academic support program for students of all ages.

Student Support Leadership

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Mora Sorial

    Mrs. Mora Sorial 

    Upper School Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Dana Geroni

    Dana Geroni 

    Social Emotional Learning & Development Counselor
  • Photo of Dan Lauber

    Dan Lauber 

    Director of International Student Programs
  • Photo of Alison Le Vine Pugsley

    Mrs. Alison Le Vine Pugsley 

    Social Emotional Learning & Development Counselor
  • Mrs. Natalie Minichino 

    Middle School Dean of Learning Support
  • Photo of Ashley Trotta

    Ashley Trotta 

    Learning Support Specialist

Social Emotional Learning and Development


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  • All Divisions: The Social Institute (TSI)

    As part of our advisory program and our commitment to social emotional learning, we have partnership with The Social Institute to help students navigate social-emotional wellness, social media, and technology in positive, high-character ways. This program is not only accessible for students, but also for parents, with access to informative resources to provide insight into social media, technology, and student experiences, offering discussion prompts that can be incorporated into family conversations.
  • All-Divisions: Character Programming

    Upper School Town Halls, Middle School Grade-Level Meetings, and Lower School Gatherings feature character programming. Students present on timely topics, speakers are brought in to provide insight, and topics are presented to spark discussion among students and their peers.
  • Upper School: Peer Mentors

    As we welcome freshmen into Ranney’s Upper School, we are pleased to provide students with a designated period each cycle during the fall semester to meet in small advisory groups with their peer mentors, a select group of junior and senior students who help integrate 9th grade students into the Ranney community, providing fun and informative activities to support adjustment to the social and academic life of high school. SELD Counselor Ms. Geroni leads the program, meeting with peer mentors to guide them as they serve as leaders for freshmen.
  • Upper School: Panther Partners Mentors

    The Panther Partners Mentor Program is a new program that involves a more intensive one-on-one mentorship, offering personalized support and guidance to individuals who are new to the Upper School grades 10-12.  A selected group of 11th and 12th grade students will provide the mentorship under the supervision of SELD Counselor Ms. Geroni.  The essence of the program is to foster a welcoming, inclusive environment so our new students feel valued and supported within our wonderful community.  
  • Upper School: Senior Seminar

    Senior Transition to College Seminar is a semester-long course with important topics such as getting involved on campus, academic planning, time and stress management, personal finance, personal safety, internships and networking, and studying abroad. The Senior Seminar class starts in the second semester of Senior year and meets once per week. 
  • Middle School/Upper School: Advisory

    The Middle School/Upper School Advisory Program pairs each student with a single teacher for the course of each school year. Advisors meet daily with their group of 10-12 students during homeroom and advising periods. Advisors guide and monitor each student’s academic and social progress, and are available to counsel students on issues ranging from time management and academics to peer conflicts. Advisors also regularly consult with each advisee's individual subject teachers and parents, gathering as much information as possible to guide their work with each advisee. Advisors maintain regular contact with parents through email and phone and also formally meet with parents during regularly scheduled academic conferences, providing feedback and assistance as students progress through the educational process. The Advisor role is integral to each student’s success, as it gives faculty insight into each student’s concerns, interests and abilities, both inside and outside the classroom, thereby providing the support and understanding that is so essential to young adults. MS Students can also use that time to meet with the Middle School Counselor. Extended advisory is available for US students to connect with their advisors and participate in TSI lessons. 
  • Middle School: Grade Level Meetings

    The Middle School dedicates one 45-minute period during the six-day cycle to meet with students by grade to discuss a variety of topics that cover topics through the social and emotional learning lens.
  • Lower School: Social Emotional Learning Classes

    Every other cycle there is dedicated 30 minute instructional SEL class time. The school counselor goes into the class, covering social emotional competency development and learning strategies and tools to manage emotions and to grow their skills in that area to promote resilience and personal growth and to support the whole child development. 

Specialized Expertise

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  • Mora Sorial

    Mora Sorial has over 25 years of educational experience in the K-12 and higher educational settings. After graduating from Barnard College, Columbia University with a B.A. in Biological Sciences (minors in Education and Religion), she went on to pursue master’s degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University: M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology; Ed.M. in Psychological Counseling. She also holds a master’s in Special Education (Monmouth University) and is a certified Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDTC). Mora has served as a school counselor and Director of Student Relations prior to Ranney and held multiple leadership positions. Mora’s student-centered approach to academic support and strong collaboration with faculty and families is an instrumental part of the student support program at Ranney. She currently serves as the Chair of the Student Support Department and is proud to be the parent of three Ranney Panthers. 
  • Dana Geroni

    Dana Geroni has over 16 years of extensive experience as a school counselor, holding certifications as a NJ School Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor and Director of School Counseling along with being an Approved Clinical Supervisor.  She has earned a master’s degree in Counselor Education from Kean University and a Director of School Counseling certification from Monmouth University.  Dana also has dedicated over 11 years to working as a mental health clinician in a private practice.  In her role as the Upper School Counselor, she collaborates with students, families and faculty members to provide comprehension support for academic, social and emotional growth. Additionally, Dana is a member of the Upper School Student Support Team and the Upper School Division SEL Team, furthering her dedication to student emotional well-being and success. 
  • Dan Lauber

    Director of International Student Programs Mr. Dan Lauber earned his Bachelor of Arts in Chinese from Georgetown University, studying abroad at Peking University in Beijing, and Master of Arts in Higher and Postsecondary Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and previously served as Senior Assistant Director of Admissions for New York University’s Shanghai campus. He also spent three years as a college counselor in China, counseling students and their families using English and Mandarin.
  • Ali Le Vine Pugsley

    Alison Le Vine Pugsley is a certified NJ School Counselor with a MA in School Counseling from Seton Hall University and a BA in Psychology from the University of Richmond. She has worked in education for 11 years as an Administrator, College Academic Advisor, Educational Specialist, and most recently School Counselor. As the Lower and Middle School Counselor, she meets with students and leads class instructional time focusing on SEL topics, skills, and strategies. Alison is on the Lower School Student Support Team and Lower School SEL Team. She holds a MS in Sport Psychology from the University of Tennessee. She previously worked at IMG Academy as a Mental Conditioning Consultant, working with student-athletes, professional athletes, and various organizations on developing mental performance skills and strategies.
  • Natalie Minichino

    Natalie Minichino has more than 20 years of experience in education, school administration, and counseling. She holds an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Mrs. Minichino also earned a certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University. She has post-master’s degree training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) from The Beck Institute (PA), mindfulness from Oxford University (UK), and coursework in supporting neuro-diverse children and adolescents through Landmark College (VT).    
  • Ashley Trotta

    Ashley Trotta is a certified NJ/NY Reading Specialist, Teacher of Reading, Teacher of Students with Disabilities, and Elementary School Teacher. She is also an Institute for Multisensory Education Orton-Gillingham certified teacher with a Reading Specialist M.A. from Teachers College, Columbia University and a B.S. in Inclusive Elementary and Special Education from Syracuse University. As the Lower School Learning Specialist at Ranney School, Ashley facilitates student support interventions. She is well-versed in administration of assessments, data analysis, and diagnostic teaching. She also works with teachers to enhance their accommodations and differentiated instruction.

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