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The Arts at Ranney

At Ranney School, expression is a crucial everyday element of a balanced education, helping us define who we are, see things in exciting new ways and communicate important ideas. With exceptional instructors and impressive facilities, our programs in drama, music, visual arts, public speaking and creative writing are designed to nurture the full range of artistic talent in every child. In every grade level, Ranney’s arts curriculum combines a broad foundation in the history and theory of art, music and drama with rigorous instruction in technique. It is complemented by an eclectic array of extracurricular opportunities on stage and in the studio. The result is a vibrant, creative community in which artistic achievement is valued as highly as academic and athletic performance.

Performing Arts. Over half of our students participate in orchestra, band, chorus, forensics or drama programs. Each year, the school produces four Broadway-style productions and multiple concerts for the school and community. 

Visual Arts. From photography and painting to glass fusing and 3D printing, one can always find the work of Ranney artists on display in one of our three campus galleries. Students, faculty and alums also regularly exhibit their works in local libraries, community centers and other local galleries. 

Performing Arts

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Dorothy Sobieski

    Dr. Dorothy Sobieski 

    All School Orchestra Director; Tri-M Advisor
  • Photo of John Propper

    Mr. John Propper 

    All-Division Band Director
  • Photo of Lisa Geene

    Mrs. Lisa Geene 

    General Music & Chorus Teacher (Lower School)
  • Photo of Todd Christopher

    Todd Christopher 

Visual Arts

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Kate Greenberg

    Kate Greenberg 

    Dept. Chair, Visual Arts; Teacher, Visual Arts
  • Photo of Madeleine McCarthy

    Madeleine McCarthy 

    Teacher, Visual Arts
  • Photo of Marilyn Casey

    Marilyn Casey 

  • Photo of Amanda Penecale

    Amanda Penecale 

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Our mission is to know and value every child, nurturing intellectual curiosity and confidence, and inspiring students to lead honorably, think creatively, and contribute meaningfully to society.