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Afford a Ranney School Education

Ranney School’s tuition reflects the quality of the educational and student life experience offered to our students, who come to our 60-acre campus in Tinton Falls. Ranney’s Comprehensive Tuition enables us to provide students expert faculty (more than 60% have advanced degrees) and the  resources to support our individualized approach to education. 

We understand and appreciate the financial commitment that families undertake in deciding to send their children to Ranney. We are also committed to fostering a socio-economically, diverse, and inclusive community. To make the Ranney educational experience accessible, we have significantly expanded our commitment to need-based financial aid and academic merit scholarships.

Tuition for the 23-24 school year ranges from: $12,210 (3 1/2 days in Beginners) to $21,350 (A full day PreK) for Early Childhood; $25,890 to $31,380 for Kindergarten–Fifth Grade; $34,990 for Middle School and $37,470 to $39,400 for Upper School.
Please contact our Admissions Team for more information about tuition, including need-based financial aid, merit-based academic scholarships, and sibling discounts.

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    Gwyneth Hecht 

    Dean of Admissions 732.542.4777, ext. 1109
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    Greg Swenson 

    Associate Dean of Admissions 732.542.4777, ext. 5207

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  • Q: What is Comprehensive Tuition and what does it cover?

    A: Families pay one price for the student’s education; this price eliminates any additional payments to Ranney School throughout the year. Comprehensive Tuition includes: lunch (Kindergarten-Grade 12), academic technology fees, co-curricular and testing fees, books (Beginners-Grade 5). Comprehensive Tuition does not include: school uniforms, books (Upper/Middle School), transportation, voluntary student activities (such as international travel), or programs supported by tax-deductible contributions to the Ranney Fund.

  • Q: Does Ranney offer scholarships or financial aid?

    A: Ranney offers need-based financial aid to students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Ranney also offers academic merit scholarships to students entering 6th and 9th grades. To learn more about the process to apply, please visit Need-Based Financial Aid, Academic Merit Scholarships, or contact the Admissions Team.

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