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A Time of Tremendous Growth and Development

Middle School can be hard, but it does not have to be.  At Ranney, we make the science of the Middle School years work for us by offering an academically rigorous environment with an intentional support system designed to help students work through challenges, in and out of the classroom. Through small class sizes, our Advisory Program, and grade-level Deans, each student is supported by a team of educators who take the time to know, value, encourage, and support them. Students rotate through classes in a six-day cycle where one class is dropped each day ensuring that particular classes do not fall at the same time each day. Our academic curriculum is enhanced by a myriad of extracurricular options. Students may elect to take a course in Orchestra, Band, Chorus or Fine Arts (Drama, Music, and Art). During seventh period each day, students may choose to participate on a sports team or in an activity (with many options ranging from Robotics to Ultimate Frisbee). The six-day cycle also includes time for study hall, grade-level meetings and assemblies, and a period of recess during which students can relax and socialize (without cell phones). Ranney’s curriculum and intentional approach addresses the needs of every student at all levels of ability, helping to build confidence and maturity, nurture talents, and establish the academic skills needed for success in Upper School. 

Middle School Leadership

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  • Photo of David Ketcham

    Mr. David Ketcham 

    Head of Middle School
  • Mrs. Natalie Minichino 

    Middle School Dean of Learning Support
  • Photo of Cheryl White

    Cheryl White 

    Administrative Assistant, 732.542.4777, ext. 4121

Middle School Curriculum

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  • Class Sizes

    Individual class sizes typically range from 12-16 students. 
  • Humanities and Global Studies

    In sixth- and seventh-grade, Ranney’s Humanities curriculum encompasses Literature, English, Social Studies, and History blocked together in a two-period block led by one instructor. Humanities 6 focuses on World Geography and Cultures and Humanities 7 explores Ethics in US History. Coursework leverages literature, vocabulary, research, storytelling and essays, and group discussion. Students develop an appreciation for our world’s diverse civilizations. Eighth grade students embark on a two-year World History sequence that continues into the first year of Upper School. The writing and research skills developed during the Middle School years culminate in a year-long Capstone research project in eighth grade. 
  • Math

    Entering sixth grade students are placed into either Math 6 or Pre-Algebra. This track leads students to taking either Algebra or Geometry in eighth grade. High-performing students have the opportunity to take Upper School math classes beyond Geometry. Students also have the opportunity to participate in math competitions throughout the year.
  • Science

    Traditional scientific approaches are infused with unique experiential learning in Earth Science (sixth grade), Life Science (seventh grade), and Physical Science (eighth grade). Science Olympiad students participate in regional, state, and national competitions.
  • Robotics and STEAM

    Robotics students compete annually at local, regional, state, and national competitions.  STEAM projects in our Middle/Upper School Innovation Lab emphasize design thinking, a creative process for developing solutions to problems through construction and prototyping. An example of this approach is our Boat Building project for seventh-graders.
  • World Languages

    Students may choose to study French, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish.
  • Public Speaking and Research

    In eighth grade, students pursue a Capstone research project on a topic of their choosing. Working with an advisor, students leverage and apply the reading, writing, and research skills learned throughout Middle School to write a 5-7 page paper and present the topic to their peers, teachers, and family in Panther Hall Auditorium. Our students also engage in public speaking through Forensics and Debate Clubs, as well as student-led monthly Town Hall gatherings. Ranney students consistently earn top awards in regional Middle School Forensics competitions.
  • Performing and Fine Arts

    Students may take electives in Band, Chorus, Orchestra, or Fine Arts (Drama, Music, and Art).
    Each fall, students produce a Middle School Musical (playing roles on and off stage). Our Junior Tri-M® Music Honor Society recognizes passionate and talented musicians who take an active role in the music community.
  • Athletics

    Ranney School offers Middle School sports as part of 8th period, allowing our students to enjoy the camaraderie, competition, physical fitness, and fun of sports during the school day. We offer 11 sports across 3 seasons with a total of 17 teams.  We compete in both independent and organized leagues with other Shore Conference and NJISAA Prep schools. Our Middle School Baseball, Soccer and Basketball teams have recently claimed championships in the Shore Athletic League. Our state-of-the-art athletic facilities include two basketball gyms, an Olympic-sized indoor pool, a multi-use turf and track stadium, baseball and softball fields, two grass soccer / lacrosse fields, an indoor batting cage, five tennis courts, an athletic training room, and a weight room.
  • Extracurricular Activities

    During 8th period each day, students can choose to participate either in a sport or activity. Activities are designed to explore a variety of topics, discover new interests, develop new skills and enhance established strengths. Activities include: Robotics, Science Olympiad, Debate, Mindfulness, and Ultimate Frisbee. Outside of these scheduled activities, other clubs and leadership groups meet before or after school to prepare for academic competitions or to design community projects.
  • Health

    Our Middle School health and wellness program addresses developmentally-appropriate subjects such as nutrition, body image, bullying, stress management, and substance abuse (8th grade).
  • Character Education and Community

    Our Advisory Program is unique in the area and is responsive to the developmental needs of Middle School students and their parents. Our students meet with their advisors daily to develop strong relationships, focus on character education, and address academic/social issues. Our Community Standards program promotes a supportive environment where students and all community members can foster positive relationships and make valuable contributions. The Citizens of the Month program recognizes students each month who have set examples for their peers by exemplifying our core values and Honor Code. Students can participate in service learning opportunities through clubs and activities.
  • Laptop Program

    Every Middle School student is given a personal Chromebook for use during the school year. 

Advising Program

Our unique Advisory Program pairs each student with a single teacher for the course of each school year. Advisors meet daily with their group of 10-12 students during homeroom and advising periods. Advisors guide and monitor each student’s academic and social progress, and are available to counsel students on issues ranging from time management and academics to peer conflicts. Advisors also regularly consult with each advisee's individual subject teachers and parents, gathering as much information as possible to guide their work with each advisee. Advisors maintain regular contact with parents through email and phone and also formally meet with parents during regularly scheduled academic conferences, providing feedback and assistance as students progress through the educational process. The Advisor role is integral to each student’s success, as it gives faculty insight into each student’s concerns, interests and abilities, both inside and outside the classroom, thereby providing the support and understanding that is so essential to young adults.


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