What's Happening in Lower School

  • Crossing the Lawn Ceremony (June 8, 2018)

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  • Parents' Day (May 11, 2018)

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  • Picking Tulips (April 30, 2018)

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  • Recycling Truck Visit (April 30, 2018)

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  • Lower School Art Exhibit (April 2018)

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  • Black Violin Field Trip (April 12, 2018)

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  • A Little Shakespeare: Comedy of Errors Workshops (Feb. 28, 2018)

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  • Visiting Author Kalli Dakos (2/13/18)

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  • Makey Makey Fourth Grade Innovation Station: Banana Piano

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  • Makey Makey Fourth Grade Innovation Station: Can Piano

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  • Hour of Code (12.4.17)

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  • Grandparents Day November 2017 (Album 1)

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  • Grandparents' Day November 2017 (Album 2)

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  • Fifth-Grade Drumming Circles

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  • Inside Early Childhood (Fall 2017)

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  • Playground Time

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  • First Day of School 2017

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  • Crossing the Lawn (Class of 2024 Promoted to MS)

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  • The LS Capstone Experience with Kevin

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  • Science Exploration in the Pond

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"That smile that she wears all day is the same one she climbs into the car with at the end of the day. Every day is full of new adventures & she just explodes with excitement to tell me on the way home. We are so thrilled that she is so happy & hope it continues all year."

-New Lower School Parent

Welcome to Lower School

Welcome to our Lower School (Kindergarten - Fifth Grade),
from Division Head Dr. Andrea Danial
See also our Age 3 and Pre-Kindergarten Early Childhood Education Program

Welcome to Ranney Lower School, where children full of curiosity love to learn! Whether you are reading this message as a prospective, new, or returning family, you will be excited about all the opportunities available to our children during the foundational years of Lower School!

Our deeply experienced faculty, staff and administration place a balanced and differentiated approach to learning and achievement that is respectful of a child’s development. This approach allows children to grow at their own pace and poises them for continuous progress. In addition, we recognize that the social side of learning goes beyond getting along on the playground and emphasize the importance of friendship, collaboration, kindness, and respect throughout our community.

Students are guided to learn independently, in small and larger groups, but most important to our program is the concept of choice. Skill development and the processes of learning are taught within the context of student creativity. By providing a sense of purpose, students apply their developing skills to experiences and challenges that are grounded in real-life scenarios. For example, field trips at each grade level offer a common experience for students to learn in-depth by adding personal knowledge and engaging in research.

Collaboration and communication between students, parents and teachers at Ranney strengthen our community. Our students live by Community Standards (listed on this page) and support them by establishing classroom behavioral guidelines. Morning Meetings provide continuous attention to maintaining our respectful community. We come together frequently at Lower School Gatherings where our fifth-grade leaders plan, engage others, and steer us as a community.

Our families engage with the school in a variety of ways that support not only their own children but also Ranney’s efforts to maintain and enhance student learning. Parents participate in various in-class opportunities as well as the Parents Association.  As a team, Ranney families and the school build an exciting school spirit that is echoed throughout school-wide and divisional experiences.

We encourage you to take the next step to inquire about our program and visit to see what happens when experienced professionals light the fire within the curious and creative students that make up our Lower School.

Dr. Andrea L. Danial, Head of Lower School 
Follow me on Twitter @AndreaDanial

Our Approach

A child’s curiosity is the essence of their early years. Therefore, our Lower School faculty encourage experiential learning, or learning by doing. Through hands-on learning and by giving children some control over the direction of their education, our teachers build intrinsic motivation and a love of learning while instilling foundational skills. 

Our Lower School curriculum integrates language arts, mathematics (see a video on our Singapore Math approach), social studies, science, world languages (French, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish), physical education, art, music, and library. In the Upper Grades of Lower School, children participate in electives, including band, chorus, and orchestra, graphic art, and robotics (video)

Throughout their day, children visit science labs, art and music studios, world language classrooms, the community garden, as well as the Searle Library and Media Center, the Lower School Dining Hall, and our state-of-of the art playground. Students also share the school’s expansive athletic complex, which includes an indoor heated pool for aquatics instruction. 

Students are prepared to perform and engage in public speaking at Lower School gatherings, concerts, and special events in our Panther Hall auditorium. Ranney’s expansive campus fosters a multitude of activities and experiences where children can discover their interests and learning style, and also to learn how to be good citizens within our school and the community beyond.

The Ranney Difference: A Q&A with the Lower School Assistant Head

Allison Reddington has been a teacher, forensics coach and division leader at Ranney since 2004. Here, she answers a few questions about the Ranney Lower School experience and how the leadership team and faculty nurture and guide our youngest students. 

Meet the Lower School Leadership Team

List of 3 members.

Our Community Standards

We will be respectful of ourselves and others.

We will be responsible in every action.

We will be attentive to others and our surroundings.

We will be our best in all we do.

Ranney School

235 Hope Road
Tinton Falls, NJ 07724
Tel. 732.542.4777
Our mission is to nurture intellectual curiosity and confidence to inspire students to lead honorably, think creatively, and contribute meaningfully to society. Learn more.