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A Time of Tremendous Growth and Development

Middle School (6th through 8th Grade)

Middle School can be hard, but it does not have to be. At Ranney, we make the science of the Middle School years work for us by offering an academically rigorous environment with an intentional support system designed to help students work through challenges, in and out of the classroom. Through small class sizes, our Advisory Program, and grade-level Deans, each student is supported by a team of educators who take the time to know, value, encourage, and support them. Our Advisory Program pairs each student with a single teacher, with whom they meet two times each school day. Advisors offer parents a partner and contact to work through academic and social/emotional concerns or overall development. Grade-level Deans help support the age-specific needs of our students.

Ranney's Middle School academic curriculum includes a two-period block for Humanities, a flexible math track that gives students the opportunity to complete Geometry in 8th grade, the choice of Spanish, Mandarin, or French, and a STEAM-focused science curriculum. Students rotate through classes in a six-day cycle where one class is dropped each day ensuring that particular classes do not fall at the same time each day.

Our academic curriculum is enhanced by a myriad of extracurricular options. Student may elect to take a course in Orchestra, Band, Chorus or Fine Arts (Drama, Music, and Art). During seventh period each day, students may choose to participate on a sports team or in an activity (with many options ranging from Robotics to Ultimate Frisbee). The six-day cycle also includes time for study hall, grade-level meetings and assemblies, and a period of recess during which students can relax and socialize (without cell phones).

Ranney’s curriculum and intentional approach addresses the needs of every student at all levels of ability, helping to build confidence and maturity, nurture talents, and establish the academic skills needed for success in Upper School.

Middle School Admissions Contacts

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    Gwyneth Hecht 

    Dean of Admissions 732.542.4777, ext. 1109
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