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Academic Merit Scholarships

The RANNEY SCHOLARS merit-based academic scholarship program aims to recognize the academic accomplishments of students who are both new to Ranney School and who are currently enrolled. The program focuses on students entering 6th and 9th grades. Scholarships typically range from $2,500 to $10,000 and are awarded based on a student’s scholarship application, academic achievements, and standardized test scores.

Current Ranney students should use the link on the right to access the scholarship application.  Students NEW to Ranney should submit their scholarship application as a component of their myRanney admissions application.

Scholarship applications require a student to submit an essay (or creative piece) responding to the following:

Ranney School’s mission is to nurture intellectual curiosity and confidence to inspire students to LEAD HONORABLY, THINK CREATIVELY, and CONTRIBUTE MEANINGFULLY to society. Explain or demonstrate how you will exemplify Ranney School’s mission. How will you lead, create, and/or contribute?

Students awarded a scholarship will receive this award for four years (if awarded the scholarship in 9th grade) or three years (if awarded the scholarship in 6th grade). The RANNEY SCHOLARS program complements Ranney School’s existing need-based financial aid program. Students awarded a merit scholarship may also apply for need-based financial aid.

For questions, please contact the Enrollment Management Office at admission@ranneyschool.org.

“Our goal is to make the extraordinary education and resources available at Ranney more accessible to families. With expert teachers, small class sizes, award-winning arts programs, and unique athletic offerings, Ranney students have the opportunity to pursue individualized, rigorous academics while also exploring all of their extracurricular passions. It is our hope that this scholarship program may provide the extra opportunity students need to discover and reach their full potential.”

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Our mission is to nurture intellectual curiosity and confidence to inspire students to lead honorably, think creatively, and contribute meaningfully to society. Learn more.