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Graduate confident and well-prepared to succeed

Ranney’s rigorous and dynamic Upper School curriculum is designed to engage and challenge each student in their educational journey. During Upper School, students transition from adolescence to adulthood; in the midst of this significant emotional and physical change, students must face the task of preparing for and selecting a college that is an appropriate match for their interests, aptitudes, talents, and goals. Through small class sizes, strong advisory and college counseling programs, and a student-centered approach to education, Ranney fosters Upper School students’ independence, emotional intelligence, and character. Teachers challenge every student uniquely and often provide students guidance beyond academics. Our goal is to create a foundation upon which students will graduate from Ranney with the ability to succeed in college and beyond. Freshmen and sophomores pursue a prescribed program to ensure that they are confident and capable in reading, writing, mathematics, creativity, critical analysis, research, organization, and study skills. Juniors and seniors have more flexible curricular choices to pursue their academic and creative interests. In addition to academics, our students are encouraged to pursue ambitions in the arts, athletics, and service. Upon graduation, Ranney students are confident, empathetic, resilient problem-solvers and self-advocates who think globally and who understand the importance of work/life balance.

Upper School Leadership

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  • Photo of Ted Parker

    Ted Parker 

    Head of Upper School
  • Photo of Marie Curry

    Marie Curry 

    Upper School Dean of Academics & History Faculty
  • Photo of Leslie Patient

    Ms. Leslie Patient 

    Upper School Dean of Student Life & English Faculty

Upper School Curriculum

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  • Class sizes

    Upper School class sizes typically range from 12-18 students.
  • Math

    We offer three 3 APs as well as Honors classes. Students can progress from Algebra or Geometry through Calculus (AB/BC), Statistics, Advanced Financial Math, and Multivariable Calculus. Students may pursue more advanced math courses through online partnerships.
    Students have the opportunity to participate in Math competitions throughout the year.
  • History

    We offer six APs, including Economics and Art History, and sections in Global Citizenship, Modern American Cities, Law & Legal Systems, US Foreign Policy, and more.
  • English

    We offer two APs as well as Honors classes. Courses include sections in Shakespeare, African-American Literature, Heroes and Villains, Women Writers, and Cinema Studies. English courses throughout Upper School are taught with a writing-intensive approach.
  • Science

    We offer five APs as well as Honors classes. Coursework begins with Physics in ninth grade; this inquiry-based approach develops the foundation students need to succeed in Chemistry and Biology. We also offer Engineering, Anatomy, Neuropsychology, and Marine Science and Ecology. 
  • Robotics

    Robotics students compete regularly at regional, state, national, and global competitions. Students have qualified and earned awards at the U.S. Open Create Championship and the VEX World Championships four years in a row. Students also take pride in mentoring their younger Ranney School peers in robotics.
  • Computer Science

    We offer two APs as well as Honors classes, plus sections in Advanced Robotics, Application Development, and Web Design. One quarter of Upper School students typically take at least one computer science course.
  • World Languages

    Students may choose to study French, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish (up to AP level).

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  • Maymester Experiential Learning

    Maymester offers our ninth through eleventh grade students the opportunity to engage in an experiential learning program during the last two weeks of school. Program options range from international trips (e.g. travel to Iceland to explore STEAM or to Abu Dhabi with a focus on global citizenship) to local or regional experiences, coursework, and professional internships.
  • Global Citizenship Certificate

    Students can pursue a Global Citizenship Certificate by taking courses in World Cultures, Citizenship, History, and Foreign Language, as well as participating in delegations to Model United Nations (in a unique partnership with Monmouth University) or other programs including Model Congress or the Student Diversity Leadership Conference. Students must also complete a capstone project focused on a global issue and have the opportunity to participate in international travel experiences.
  • STEAM Certificate

    Students can pursue a STEAM Certificate by taking an interdisciplinary track of courses encompassing science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, in addition to completing a capstone or independent study project solving a real world problem.
  • Advanced Placement (AP)

    We offer a total of 25 AP classes. We recommend limits of one AP course in tenth grade, three APs in eleventh grade, and four APs in twelfth grade.
  • Capstone Research

    In twelfth grade, students may pursue a year-long Capstone project. Working with an advisor, students apply the skills learned throughout Upper School to write a 70-80 page research paper or develop a project such as starting a new business, writing a musical composition, designing a model home, or learning a trade skill like glassblowing. The project culminates with students presenting or demonstrating the results of their project to peers, teachers, and family.
  • Advisory Program

    Our unique Advisory Program pairs each student with a single teacher for the course of each school year. In Upper School, advisors meet daily in homeroom, bi-weekly in Extended Advisory periods and at other times, as needed with the same group of 10-12 students. Advisors guide and monitor each student’s academic and social progress. Advisors maintain regular contact with parents through email and phone and also formally meet with parents during regularly scheduled academic conferences, providing feedback and assistance as students progress. The advisor/advisee relationship is a critical component of the support system provided during the Upper School years and one of the many ways in which Ranney School personalizes the academic experience.
  • Honor Societies

    Ranney has 11 nationally recognized honor societies, including Cum Laude.

Key Contacts

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  • Photo of Maryanne Bedford

    Maryanne Bedford 

    Registrar/College Counseling Assistant
  • Mrs. Dana Geroni 

    Upper School Counselor
  • Photo of Ninetta Vuoso

    Mrs. Ninetta Vuoso 

    Administrative Assistant, 732.542.4777, ext.5105

Extracurricular Activities and Student Life

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  • Performing Arts

    We offer AP Music Theory as well as Honors and standard sections of ensemble classes that include Jazz Band, Concert Chorus, and Orchestra. Electives include Improvisation, Monologue, Music & American Culture, and Music of Other Cultures. Our students have been accepted into All Shore Chorus, All Shore Band and Orchestra, Regional Orchestra, All-State Chorus, All State Orchestra, and participate in a variety of festivals and competitions including Interlochen Music Festival, Tisch School of the Arts Special Programs, and the Crescendo Piano Competition at Carnegie Hall.  Clubs include Jazz Singers, Chamber Music Club, Rock Band, and Electric Bow Fusion.
  • Visual Arts

    We offer four APs as well as Honors classes, plus sections in 3-D Design and Sculpture, Ceramics, Clay, Glass, Architecture, Casting Photography, Digital Media, and Graphic Design. Students are regularly recognized with Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.Ranney’s visual art students have an excellent track record of admittance to the most selective art colleges and programs, including National Geographic or other selective summer programs.
  • Public Speaking

    Our students engage in public speaking through Forensics and Debate Clubs, as well as monthly Student Council-led Town Hall gatherings. Ranney students consistently earn top awards in regional debate/forensics competitions.

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  • Athletics

    Ranney School is a member of the Shore Conference (B Central Division), the NJISAA Prep State Association, and the NJSIAA (Non-Public B) State Association.We offer 19 interscholastic sports across three seasons, and have more than 24 Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. Ranney offers unique opportunities in crew, fencing, golf, and sailing.
    Students interested in boy’s lacrosse and football have the opportunity to play in partnership with an NJSIAA approved Co-op with Mater Dei Prep. Our state-of-the-art athletic facilities include two basketball gyms, an Olympic-sized indoor pool, a multi-use turf and track stadium, baseball and softball fields, two grass soccer / lacrosse fields, an indoor batting cage, five tennis courts, an athletic training room, and a weight room. 
  • Character Education and Community

    Students lead through Student Council, a Judicial Review Board, Town Halls, Honor Societies, and clubs. Students are encouraged to start their own clubs if they identify an opportunity. Our Peer Mentor Program starts with a semester-long course focused on leadership and communication skills. Peer Mentors facilitate workshops with Upper School peers, and plan and execute community outreach programs and school events.Upper School peers mentor incoming freshman as they transition from Middle School. 
    Students develop and engage in community service projects throughout the year. Community service is a required element for induction into the National Honor Society, and also to obtain either the Global Citizens or STEAM certificates.

    Ranney’s US Distinguished Speaker Series brings inspiring speakers to engage with students.

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Our mission is to know and value every child, nurturing intellectual curiosity and confidence, and inspiring students to lead honorably, think creatively, and contribute meaningfully to society.