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Global Citizens Programs

Global Citizenship Certificate (GCC)

Education for global citizenship goes beyond competency, as students explore in detail their role as "citizens of the world" and become proficient in issues impacting the world. By selecting courses and co-curricular activities that have a greater focus on non-western experiences; participating in local, national, and international travel to examine other cultures at first hand; and taking an active leadership role in solving the global issues that confront us, students who pursue this certificate will utilize the tools needed to become "citizens of the world."
The ultimate goal of the Global Citizenship program is to develop students who are conversant with the human condition and how it manifests itself across societies, with awareness of both similarities and differences in how those societies answer the basic question of how to live in the world. The Global Citizenship program also emphasizes the need for going beyond passive understanding to active collaboration in solving problems that confront humanity the world over.

United Nations Club

Launched in 2015, the Upper School club allows students to use project-based learning to develop global citizenship skills. Students have worked with Monmouth University faculty members in the past, focusing on one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. Through continued work on the 2030 SDGs with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), Ranney School has been designated an official UN Non-Governmental Organization (UNNGO). This opportunity allows current club members and Global Citizens alumni to participate in numerous United Nations joint-meetings and conferences. Students will also participate in Model United Nations committee work to prepare them for future Model United Nations conferences (currently in Princeton Model UN and Ivy League Model UN.

Global Citizens Course Elective

This project-based and Upper School leadership course, established in 2016-17, centers around what it means to be a global citizen. Open to 10th-11th graders, the course is organized thematically and follows the United Nations model of presentation and debate - meaning it uses technologies best suited to reach a global audience. This experiential program aims to provide students with the knowledge, tools, and skills to address the challenges of a global community. Highlights of the course include:
  • Socratic discussion of the problems that society faces today
  • Harness Table discussion format for numerous issues
  • Virtual collaboration to problem solve world issues creatively
  • Developing the technological skills to research, record, and reveal to our community today's relevant global issues 
  • Experiential learning through Model UN competitions and visits to UN Headquarter in New York City
  • Project-based curricula (in partnership with the Global Nomads Group
  • Student leadership and facilitation in educating our school community on global problems 
  • Opportunities to contribute locally and globally to have a meaningful impact on our interconnected society. 

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