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Class of 2019 Ranney School "Lifers" Honored at Luncheon

The Panther "Lifer" Luncheon was held on Friday, April 26 for the soon-to-be graduates who have been here for 10 years or longer, and their special guests in Pnather Hall. The time was used to share "Lifer" cords with each of the students as well as reflect upon their journey as Ranney Panthers. 

Class of 2019
Lifer Facts

  • There are 35 lifers in the Class of 2019. 18 are females and 17 are males.
  • 37% of the class of 2019 are lifers
  • Collectively, they have spent 454 years here at Ranney School.
  • 9 of them have siblings who currently attend Ranney School.
  • 14 of them have siblings who graduated from Ranney School.
  • 4 of them have parents who graduated from Ranney School.
  • There are two sets of fraternal twins.
  • The oldest lifer is Joseph Strizhak. He was born on September 28, 2000. The youngest lifer is Ananya Pandey. He was born on November 17, 2001. In addition to the two sets of twins in this group, Ethan Brandon and Brandan Whiteman share a name and a birthday on May 6, 2001.
  • Together, this group of lifers took 189 Advanced Placement (AP) classes.
  • The average grade point average of this group of lifers is 94.61 or 3.78/4.0.
  • 9 lifers were inducted into Cum Laude Society. This represents 47% of the Cum Laude inductees
  • 2 of these lifers completed unique Senior Capstone Projects on such topics as: e-sports and how they should stand on their own as an industry and how to become a financially successful video game streamer.
  • After submitting 263 applications, 76% of this group of lifers was accepted to their first or second choice college. 25 different colleges are represented among  the 28 (80%) of you who have decided on your college destination (the rest of you have until May 1st LOL).
  • There are 18 varsity athletes. 2 Division I athletes and 2 Division III Athletes.

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