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Aidan Smires '20 Selected to Attend 2019 Governor's School in the Sciences

Aidan Smires ’20 was chosen to attend New Jersey’s Governor’s School in the Sciences this summer, which was hosted at Drew University from July 14-August 3. Governor’s School is open to high-achieving juniors interested in rigorous and demanding STEM summer residential academic programs.
Aidan’s typical day started with breakfast with peers in the dining half, followed by three and a half hours of class. After lunch, the students either had team projects three days a week, or lab two days a week. “The focus of this entire routine was to allow students to delve deeper into their specific interests without taking away from your free time with your peers,” said Aidan.

My favorite part about the experience was most definitely the people,” said Aidan. “Coming into this experience, I thought that the people there would be extremely competitive, so much so that we would not be able to work together. However, when I arrived, took classes, and spent some time collaborating with other scholars, I realized that they fostered the best work environment I have ever experienced. Together, we were able to help each other, complete assignments, and work on team projects with great efficiency whilst still being able to have fun and laugh. I have no doubt that through this program, I have made lifelong friends.

My main takeaway was the solidification of my future career path. All the classes I took had to do with biological sciences and I not only thoroughly enjoyed, but was also intrigued by them. This enjoyment only confirmed the fact that furthering my education in biology is a path that I want to take. I know now that I am headed in the right direction.

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