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Ranney School Committed to Recycling and Sustainability

Ranney School has recycled 86.67 tons every year since 2016. Ranney’s vendor, Waste Management, sorts everything that is put into the trash, to ensure that everything that can be recycled will (even if placed into the regular trash.) Waste Management is able to sort all items and get them to the correct place, resulting in a successful tonnage report for the last four years.

As a company, Waste Management manages almost 14 million tons of material that is recycle or reused each year. Single-stream recycling, where all recyclables are mixed together in one collection bin, is perhaps the best example of making recycling easier, more efficient and more productive. In addition to being easy on consumers and businesses, this approach delivers added efficiency by reducing vehicle miles for collection trucks and related tailpipe emissions.

Sustaining Ranney School is committed to enhancing our green initiatives and reducing expenses without compromising our mission. Our Operations team has implemented several green initiatives across our 60-acre campus that not only promote and support campus sustainability but that also result in substantial savings in operating costs. For example, our dining halls use all washable china and flatware, thus reducing trash; a water well has been installed in our athletic field irrigation systems, reducing our domestic water usage; and both internal and external lighting across campus has been replaced with high efficiency lighting and new HVAC units have been installed, reducing our total energy use. We have been able to make many of these upgrades at a significant reduction in cost to the school by obtaining grants from State of New Jersey incentives. 
See where more sustainable footprints can be found across campus in the highlights below. 

  • Both campus dining halls use all washable china and flatware
  • Catering events on campus use only green materials
  • Filtered water fountains exist throughout campus
  • All hot and cold cups and napkins are biodegradable 
  • Food, garbage and biodegradable scrap are recycled 
  • All disposables are made of paper
  • Water coolers are accompanied by biodegradable cold cups
  • Low-flow dishwasher hose heads
  • Elimination of trays in the US/MS Dining Hall to reduce water usage
  • Vegetable scraps are recycled

  • Internal and external lighting uses high efficiency lighting and lighting controls
  • More than 1,500 light motion sensors exist in classrooms, offices, hallways, restrooms and meeting rooms. This motion sensor light technology is expected to eliminate total energy use across campus by 15% (installed summer 2015)
  • 10 energy efficient HVAC pieces reside in the Academic Complexes as well as in the Margaret Mahon and Annex Buildings
  • Building automation systems will soon save the school approximately 15% in equipment operating costs and reduce wasted energy by maintaining “measured comfort.”  
  • A new energy efficient pool filter saves energy and water
  • A water well installed in our athletic field irrigation system reduces domestic water usage
  • Low-flow aerators exist on all faucets 

  • Toner and ink cartridges are recycled by Funding Factory. The school also collects cartridges from families who may wish to donate them from their homes or businesses. The recycling program benefits the school, the local community and the environment. For more info, please email Dede Joseph in Operations.

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