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Pre-K Classes Open Lemonade Stand

The Pre-K classes hosted a successful business endeavor on Thursday! The students all helped to follow the recipe as they squeezed lemons, and added sugar and water to make their own lemonade. The Pre-K students also created signs for the Lemonade stand, as well as tickets so that they could open the stand to students, faculty, and staff on campus.

As people arrived, the Pre-K students practiced giving hand-made tickets to the customers, asking if they would like a glass of lemonade. The customers handed in their tickets to a student and received a cold, refreshing glass of homemade lemonade.

“The lemonade stand was a wonderful experience for the children, where they learned how to follow a recipe and work cooperatively as a class,” said Pre-K Faculty Meghan Kiel. “They took away with them the sense of community service and pride in helping others, as evidenced by their beaming smiles.”
Some students shared their favorite parts of the activity with Ms. Kiel:
"My favorite part was serving the people"
"I liked tasting the lemonade"
"I liked making the lemonade"

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