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Ranney's Tech Team Installed 47 New Promethean Boards

Mrs. Swiatocha uses her new Promethean Board to introduce the concept of Utopian societies to her seventh grade humanities class.
Ranney's technology team installed 47 new Promethean Boards in classrooms across campus during winter break. These interactive white boards allow faculty to move seamlessly between content and resources without disrupting the flow of lessons. The boards include a variety of apps and teaching tools to provide a seamless, integrated, and interactive learning experience. Proprietary writing technology delivers an authentic experience--pens write, fingers touch, and palm erase--it's like writing on a dry board, only better and more fun!
This $185,000 investment was made possible by gifts of all sizes to the Ranney Fund! Help us bring cutting-edge technology into the classroom with your gift today at www.ranneyschool.org!

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