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Class of 2020 Presents Impressive Virtual Capstones

The Capstone Project was designed to offer senior students at Ranney School an opportunity to end their secondary education by demonstrating the mastery of presentation, public speaking, and cumulative research.
Through the Capstone class, students work independently to research topics of their own, choosing and creating final projects that are interdisciplinary in scope and that highlight the range of their academic achievements.
The experience provides senior students with a summative experience that makes use of the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the previous three years and which serves as a "launching pad" for what lies before them in college.
"I'm immensely proud of these students, all of whom worked hard to meet their deadlines throughout the year to produce well-researched and thoughtful projects,” said History Department Chair and Senior Capstone Advisor Mark DiGiovanni. “Even in the face of a global pandemic this cohort worked through significant and unexpected limitations to produce excellent representations of their research in the form of these final presentations. Each of these seniors demonstrate the type of student we hope to nurture at Ranney."
Capstone is a full-year course for Ranney School seniors.

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