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Renowned Pediatric Infectious Disease Expert Addresses Ranney Community

Ranney School Medical Advisory Board Member Dr. Margaret Fisher presented on a webinar hosted for the Ranney Community on Tuesday, October 13.
Dr. Fisher is a world renowned pediatric infectious disease consultant. She is Medical Director for Unterberg Children's Hospital and Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Monmouth Medical Center. She is also Clinical Professor of Pediatrics for Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.
Dr. Fisher’s curriculum vitae includes chapters in Nelson’s Textbook of Pediatrics (18th edition). She served as editor-in-chief for Immunizations & Infectious Diseases and An Informed Parent’s Guide (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2006). She also served on the Committee on Infectious Disease.
With guidance from the Medical Advisory Board (MAB), made up of friends and members of the Ranney School Community with expertise in the medical field, Ranney School opened this fall and has been to lucky to remain open through the first two months of the school year. On guidance from the MAB, risk mitigation efforts at Ranney included opening walls to classrooms to allow for more space, upgrading HVAC systems and filters, mask and distancing mandates, and thorough and conservative sick and quarantine policies (in partnership with the Monmouth County Department of Health.)
After Dr. Griffith welcomed the participants and introduced Dr. Fisher, she was able to talk about the progression of COVID across New Jersey and what she has seen. The largest portion of the talk was dedicated to a Q&A with panelists. The questions ranged in topic, but many focused on her projections for a vaccination, how to tell the difference between flu and COVID symptoms, when to get tested, the most common causes of transmission, as well as indoor behaviors now that the weather is getting colder.
Dr. Fisher stressed that she feels the case numbers are rising because people are getting tired of the pandemic and all of the requirements necessary to stay safe. She urged the community to remain vigilant, despite the difficult circumstances. She remains optimistic, but asked that everyone take the necessary precautions, such as wearing a mask correctly and not engaging in high-risk behaviors, to keep the virus from spreading.
You can watch the full video here.

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