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Seventh Grade Students Participate in Outsiders Day

Mrs. Swiatocha’s seventh grade students read The Outsiders and participated in projects that culminated in Outsiders Day – when students dressed up as characters in the book.
The Outsiders has so many universal themes, meaning despite time period, location, socio-economic status, culture, technological influences, etc., the core of this novel speaks to teens today,” said Mrs. Swiatocha.

“Our students may not be able to relate to rodeos and rumbles, but they can relate to be judged, stereotyping, cliques, conflict with friends and family, loyalty to friends and family, and a search for identity. The fact that it was written by a teenager adds more appeal to teens reading it for the voice is more authentic.”
“Not only is Outsiders Day an exercise in an author’s methods of characterization, but I felt that dressing up as a character in the book helps the book come to life. Some students pick characters they can connect to, and others pick characters that are so far removed from who they are that in provides an opportunity to ‘walk in someone else’s shoes.’ I encouraged students to talk a walk today in their ‘costume’ and see how they feel. Do they feel ‘tuff’ as it is described in the book? Do they feel inauthentic? Do other people look at them differently?”
“Helping students make text to self-connections is at the core of my teaching philosophy and of my Humanities 7 course, and this is one way to guide students in that pursuit.”
Students opted to dress up and write a paragraph demonstrating characterization for pure enrichment- no extra credit or prize.

Here is a list of students who participated today in Outsiders' Day:
Chris Borao
Gwen Canzonier
Saahil Gala
Chase Hager
Ryan Hunter
Gavin Karlin
Brendan Kasner
Ilana Kasner
Yasmeen Khan
Sammy Landers
Alexander Lennon
Julia Lereah
William Mallach
Serena Marchese
Reilly Moini
Katie Scott
Savanna Stemmermann
Jonathan Stubbs
Zuri Trikha
Adam Urs
Daniel Zheng

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