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Fourth Grade Students Partner with Penpals

Ms. Lynch and Mrs. Keenan’s fourth grade classes are participating in the USPS Pen Pal Project. Ms. Lynch's students will be corresponding with students from Texas and Mrs. Keenan’s class will be corresponding with students from Tennessee.
In January, the Pen Pal kits arrive with a video and lessons and students write their first Pen Pal letters. The students will write at least four letters throughout the year, while also participating in at least one video call with their partner class.
The USPS Pen Pal Project provides templates and newsletter packed with letter-writing prompts and ideas for creating connections between your class and your partner class.
This program helps students practice writing and learn how to compose a friendly letter. They will also have the opportunity to learn from other students located in different areas of the United States, building empathy as they make connections across the country.
The fourth graders are excited to learn about their pen pals and to begin correspondence with them! 

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