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Upper School Musical Mamma Mia! Cast Announced

The cast of the Upper School Musical Mamma Mia! has been announced by Director Ms. Kathryn Maslak.
“I am thrilled that so many incredibly talented students came out to audition for this musical,” said Ms. Maslak. “These were some of the best auditions that I have seen in my career. I look forward to dancing and making memories with this wonderful cast.”
The Upper School Musical will be held on April 28 and April 29 at 7 p.m. in Panther Hall.  
                                      Stage Managers: Kirin Patient, Lily Aspen, Brandon Stobie 
Sophie Sheridan: Summer Wilderotter 
Ali: Izzy Chagares 
Lisa: O’Hara Kane-Assatly 
Tanya Chesham-Leigh: Elle Brandt 
Rosie Mulligan: Lindsay Berliner
Donna Sheridan: Claire Farren 
Sky: Michael Uzzi 
Eddie: Justin Atnes 
Pepper: Chris Vidal
Harry Bright: Joseph Sciortino 
Bill Austin:  Michael Guiliano 
Sam Carmichael: Rowan Johnson 
Father Alexandros (/Ensemble): William Mallach 
“The Greek Chorus” (/Ensemble): Parsvi Shah, Anna Weiner, Valentina Cariola 
Dance Captain (/Ensemble): Ilana Kasner 
Ensemble (Tourists/ Island Residents/ Dance Troupe) : 
Sophia Behar, Gwen Canzonier, Rasm Monga, Maria Guiliano, Grace Silbert, Cole Serripica, John Qian, Jonathan Stubbs, Quinlan Miller, Zanc Zhao, Zuri Trikha, Dr. Sobieski 

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