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Fourth Grade Class Brings Weather Unit to Life

On Tuesday, Ms. Errickson’s fourth grade class celebrated the culmination a Reader's Workshop nonfiction weather unit in which the students learned how to properly take notes based off of text structure, flagging important parts while noticing text features, and online research. 
As part of the celebration on Tuesday, the students viewed each other’s movie projects and pages of a non-fiction class book. They also worked through weather centers that celebrate the end of the unit.
To include a well-rounded view of Reader’s Workshop, Ms. Errickson included some fiction as well, with a "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" theme.
The “for fun” read aloud the class did during quiet time was "The Earth Dragon Awakes - The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906" by Laurence Yep, which was historical fiction.
Most of the day was a surprise to the students, who were fortunate to experience an engaging and encouraging celebration before moving on to the next unit in Reader’s Workshop! See a video of the room all decorated for the celebration here.

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