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Ranney School Celebrates Graduation of the Class of 2023

Ranney School’s 97-member Class of 2023 celebrated its commencement on the campus of Monmouth University on Friday, May 26. Twenty of the seniors, known as “Ranney Lifers,” attended the school for 10 or more years. Fourteen seniors committed to play a sport at the next level, including basketball, rowing, baseball, and equestrian. Next fall, the group will head off to attend some of the most prestigious colleges and universities across the country, including Dartmouth College, Vanderbilt University, Duke University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, and Washington University in St. Louis. For a complete list of colleges, visit ranneyschool.org.  
During her Valedictorian Address, Anna Weiner told her classmates, “While I was here, I met some of the most talented, intelligent, and kind people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. These people uplifted me and made me feel like I belong. They didn’t need to do any convincing; they just made me feel that way. I stopped doubting myself as much, and I did things that I never would have done at my old school…”
She also talked about all of the opportunities there are to get involved at Ranney and the friendships that those activities built. “Through music, Science Olympiad, theatre, a truly excellent advisory, and, honestly, everything I’ve done here, I’ve realized that the people are what has defined my Ranney experience. The wonderful people here continue to inspire me and surprise me.
In his salutatorian address, Rowan Johnson first addressed the teachers. “I would like to begin this speech by thanking the all-too-underappreciated people without whom we would not be here today, beginning with the heart of our school, our teachers. We cannot thank you enough for making learning genuinely enjoyable. One of the many noteworthy features I’ve observed about Ranney is that, unlike in the movies, students don’t tend to hate high school. We have you, teachers, to thank for that: you truly embody the Ranney slogan ‘Every child will be known and valued.’ Thank you for helping to make this school our second home.”
In speaking about his class and what makes them special, Rowan said, “What makes our class unique is more than this, however. The sub-communities we’ve formed around shared interests do not stand in isolation—they are deeply interconnected, woven together into the beautiful tapestry that is the Class of 2023. Those who play baseball also play viola, those who play viola also stage manage the musical, those who stage manage the musical also participate in science competitions, those who participate in science competitions also go to History Bowl Nationals, the list goes on and on. Through these webs of connection, we form one cohesive whole, and together, we make magic.”
Head of School Dr. John Griffith wrote an occasional poem for the Class of 2023 inspired by Dr. Seuss. Dr. Griffith told his 10th graduation class at the ceremony, “Though you will hear a lot of sage advice and praise for your scholarship and many academic successes, I focus on your Seussian qualities: your quirkiness, your humor, your absurdity, your sense of fun, your kindness, your passion, your compassion.  All of these light-hearted qualities are evident in the anthropomorphic creatures who inhabit the work of Dr. Seuss.  Seuss gave serious advice as well, exhorting young people to see themselves as activists and lauding the ability of a few people to influence the course of history. He wrote: ‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,/ Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.’” 
The Class of 2023 leaves a legacy at Ranney School and has made an indelible mark on all those who had the opportunity to be a part of their educational journey.
At the graduation ceremony, nine students were awarded with honors:
Headmaster's Cup – John DePalma (University of Vermont)
Faculty Prize –  Rowan Johnson (Princeton University)
Faculty Prize – Anna Weiner (Wellesley College)
Ann Kappel Citizenship and Service Award – Adele Sobieski (Vanderbilt University)
Gershom Tomlinson Humanitarian Award –  Samantha Kelner (Washington University in St. Louis) Gershom Tomlinson Humanitarian Award –  Summer Wilderotter (University of Pittsburgh)
Ranney School Leadership Award – Brandon Stobie (William & Mary)
Robert Paulus Leadership and Perseverance Award – Sarah Hughes (Bates College)
Margaret M. Mahon Award – Michael Guiliano (University of Chicago)
Lawrence S. Sykoff Award- Ankush Govil (Tulane University)
Please view additional honors that were awarded at the Senior Celebration and Convocation:
History: Samantha Kelner (Washington University in St. Louis)
L.C. Lane English: Grace Bray (Northeastern University)
Ram Sheila Bharara Communications: Rowan Johnson (Princeton University)
Science: Alden Rose (University of Pennsylvania)
Mathematics: Brandon Stobie (William & Mary)
Computer Science: Vincent Sajkowski (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
Robotics: Christian Virone (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
Spanish: Rowan Johnson (Princeton University)
Chinese: Benjamin Zheng (University of California- Irvine)
French: Aashima Chauhan (University of South Carolina)
Performing Arts – Vocal:  Summer Wilderotter (University of Pittsburgh)
Performing Arts - Instrumental Jazz: Crosby Collins, Ankush Govil (Tulane University)
Performing Arts - Instrumental Orchestra: Katie Sung (University of Toronto)
Performing Arts - Theater: Rowan Johnson (Princeton University)
Matthew Callahan ’13 Memorial Award for Technical Theater: Kirin Patient (Ithaca College)
Visual Arts – Drawing and Painting: Lynda Levy (Monmouth University)
Visual Arts – Photography: Kirin Patient (Ithaca College)
Kate Greenberg Art Purchase Prize: Cynthia Rivera (New York University)
Athletes of The Year: AJ Gracia, Isaac Hester, Sarah Hughes (Bates College)
Scholar-Athletes: Crosby Collins, Marcello Mastroianni, Adele Sobieski (Vanderbilt University)
Eugenie B. Edwards ’88 Spirit of Tennis: Reed Hall (University of Richmond)
Eugenie B. Edwards ’88 Spirit of Tennis: Summer Wilderotter (University of Pittsburgh)
Excellence in Citizenship Award: Aashima Chauhan (University of South Carolina)
Excellence in Citizenship Award: Noah Goodman (Emory University)

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