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Six Ranney Delegates Attend NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Ranney School had six delegates attend the 2023 NAIS People of Color Conference, Student Diversity Leadership Conference, and PoCC Heads' Summit in St. Louis, MO. 

More than 8,000 adults and students from independent schools across the country gathered to learn, collaborate, and support one another. Watch this video to view some of the many memorable moments.

Priscilla Michel ‘24 shared her experience in attending the conference this year:  
“Attending the Student Diversity Leadership Conference equipped me with essential leadership skills for my community and emphasized the value of hearing diverse viewpoints. I discovered that making progress requires the courage to voice necessary changes, even if it means stepping beyond my comfort zone. SDLC creates lasting friendships, provides students with valuable leadership abilities, and empowers every student who attends from all around the country. Through its affinity groups, I found a supportive community of people just like me, and it helped me fall in love with my culture. SDLC is a life-changing experience that I would definitely do again if I had the opportunity to do so.” 

Annabel Sparano '26 shared about her experience as well: 
"This was my first year attending SDLC, and it was an unforgettable experience. The conference was a forum for students to discuss ideas about identity, prejudice, transformational joy, justice, and strategies for implementing change in our communities. The guest speakers shared their insights and stories through a combination of powerful oratory and musical performance. Participating in the Multiracial Affinity group, I connected with hundreds of students who shared similar experiences living in predominantly white communities. We discussed the recurrent pressure to associate with one racial identity and the typical assumptions and judgements made based on our mixed appearances. SDLC created an accepting space for me to vocalize my opinions and feel heard. The sense of inclusion among such a diverse group of students was heartwarming, and it was truly inspiring to witness thousands of young leaders striving to create permanent change in their communities around the nation. While this year's SDLC has come to an end, our journey here at Ranney has just begun!"

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