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Lindsay '24 and Kieran '25 Team Up for JDRF "One Walk"

Team WHATEVER, created by the Berliner and Collins Families, created Team WHATEVER to walk in the JDRF "One Walk" to Cure Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Team Whatever has raised over $70,000 over the last five years and will be walking again on Sunday, October 7 on the Avon Boardwalk. 

You can donate or join the team by going to our team page. JDRF (formerly the Juvenile All of the Diabetes funds our Research JDRF Walk Foundation) is the leading global organization funding T1D research. www.JDRF.org. All of the funds the JDRF Walk Team rasies go direclty to support reserch for a cure.

Below, you can read some thoughts from Kieran '24 and Lindsay '25 on their experiences living with T1D: 

Managing diabetes in middle school is a big change. Not only do classes get tougher, but Kieran and I are entrusted with more responsibility. We both have to keep our numbers in check, test ourselves, treat ourselves, and count carbs by ourselves. I keep all of my supplies with me: my tester, Omnipod PDM, CGM, juice, and snacks.

In middle school it feels like everything is going super-fast. You’re in science, then math, then you’re eating lunch, then walking across the lawn to art. The next thing you know you are home eating dinner and doing homework. Middle school is really helping me get ready for life in college and at a job because it’s teaching me to be independent and manage my diabetes while being responsible.

Thank you all so much for supporting Team WHATEVER. It really means a lot to me, Kieran, and everyone who has Type 1 to know that you are helping us. THANK YOU and LET’S WALK!
During my eight lower school years, adults controlled managing my diabetes. I had to go to the nurses for lunch, snack, or if I was high or low. I had no say in counting carbs or how much insulin I needed. During the end of my lower school career I had somewhat more responsibility, but nothing like middle school.

I now have full control over my diabetes. Although I have only been in middle school for three days (when typing this), I have learned a lot more about my diabetes. I still have lots to learn to make my blood sugar more stable. I have had a lot of fun being independent in managing my diabetes in middle school. The independence I have now would not be possible without improvements in technology and JDRF’s research.

Your support has been so helpful to further research for a cure for diabetes. It has given me and Lindsay access to new inventions such as the Dexcom G6 CGM, robotic pancreas, and beta cell therapy. I just want to thank you!

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