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Global Leaders Participate in H20 For Life

Dr. Delgado’s Upper School Global Leaders class has adopted a class in Nicaragua. During the H20 For Life Water Walk event, the students will be carrying a one-gallon water jug around the track twice simulating what many third world children do before and after school, sometimes as far as three miles.
On Tuesday, October 23, the Middle School students will be participating, on Wednesday, October 24, the Lower School students will be participating and on Thursday, October 25, the Upper School students will be participating.
This event, in addition to raising awareness of the conditions, will raise money for a class that the Global Leaders class has adopted in Nicaragua. The money will go towards building two bathrooms and a washing station to replace the unprotected latrines students currently use.
“This is part of the United Nations goal of providing clean water and hygienic bathrooms to students that prevent disease and also allow kids to spend more days in school (rather than walk distances for freshwater or becoming ill from contaminated bathrooms and water),” said Dr. Delgado.
These improvements will cost $2,195. The group is accepting donations at lunch as well as online.

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