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Luke Denver-Moore

Luke Denver-Moore '19 talks about his experiences at Harvard Model Congress and how his teachers have helped shape his passion. 
Harvard Model Congress

For the second year in a row, I had the privilege of attending Harvard University’s Model Congress. Last year, I dove into the event, trying to learn from others the proper way to speak about the topics and how to translate my thoughts into a comprehensive piece of legislation. By the end, I felt invested in the material and was at ease speaking to crowds of people about substantive ideas. At the closing awards ceremony, I was pleasantly surprised to be awarded the honor of being selected “Best Senator” from my committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. I resolved I was going to come back every year.

Last February, I jumped at the opportunity to return, energized at the chance to once again throw myself into the lawmaking process. I felt at home at HMC, with an ever growing appreciation for the congressional system. Researching the topics assigned to the Senate Intelligence Committee (the ethics of government data collection and the handling of cases involving government whistleblowers), gave me the chance to develop a comprehensive understanding of these issues, and figure out a way to gain the support of my constituents. Working together to tackle challenges facing our nation was just as inspiring as the year before. I was extremely happy when this year I was again awarded the Best Senator award, along with another one of my classmates, Michael Longo ’18.

I would never have been able to succeed at this event without my experiences at Ranney. Ms. Curry’s A.P. United States History course gave me invaluable insight into the mechanisms, machinations, and proper parliamentary procedure one needs to adopt to make a successful effort at passing legislation. Dr. Delgado has had a very special role as well, serving as my teacher in my Global Citizen class for the past two years. While thinking and writing are important in his class, we also take actions inspired to bring about change. Through his class, I’ve refined my design thinking skills in a way that helps me think on my feet. Another key teacher who taught me essential ways to thrive in government was my freshman year advisor and current A.P. English Language and Composition teacher, Ms. Patient. She serves as the faculty advisor/coach for the debate team, and has helped me hone my public speaking skills. Without her guidance, I would not have been able to properly articulate my thoughts on the various issues and include them in the bills I wrote. Mr. DiGiovanni, the faculty advisor for HMC, as well as my freshman year World Cultures and current Honors American Cities teacher, has set me on a path toward critical thinking, reasoning, and writing. Mr. “DiGi” has always been my go to person to talk about politics, offering me thoughtful insight, expertly crafted explanations, and the occasional redirection on a topic at hand.

My teachers have always been amazing at not only supporting my aspirations of working in public service, but also helping me learn what steps I need to take to get there. With their help, I’ve been able to pursue my passion and find a platform where my thoughts and dreams matter. I can say with absolute certainty that without my experiences in the classroom at Ranney, I would not have won two consecutive awards at Harvard Model Congress and had a great time in the process.

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