Ranney School is a professional learning community characterized by excellence and leads the way in best teaching practices. As such, Standards of Teaching Excellence serve as the guiding principles of professionalism for teachers and academic leaders alike and set the expectations that our teachers are leaders, forward thinkers, and most importantly, experts in their field whose life's work is to enrich the lives of young people.

The faculty at Ranney School is highly engaged in the life of the school, and inspires a culture of contribution and collaboration; leading by example in inspiring our students to model after these same attributes. Teachers also share in building our professional community and seek partnerships with colleagues in developing curriculum, implementing new student activities and actively serving their profession by mentoring peer educators to meet their shared visions and high standards.

Ranney School seeks to invite teaching professionals to our community who share in the belief that the school’s mission, and the ethos within, can be advanced through collaboration, contribution and excellence to inspire Ranney students to reach their highest potentials.

Our hiring season is typically scheduled between February and May, but we also welcome excellent teachers to pursue application throughout the school year. In doing so, candidates should be well versed in the school’s mission–promise and be aligned with Ranney School’s teaching philosophy. Teaching candidates should be prepared to demonstrate expertise in subject matter and pedagogy, and most importantly, should demonstrate a respect for the ideals of educating children and adolescence by partaking in their intellectual, personal, creative and moral development. In doing this successfully, teaching candidates should appreciate that teaching moments are not limited to classroom experiences, but rather reach into our roles as advisors, coaches, directors and leaders through student life activities, sports, clubs and programs. Finally, teaching candidates should also be committed to seeking ongoing professional growth opportunities and want to benefit from the dynamic learning environment that Ranney School provides its faculty.

We invite applicants with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to contact our school with a complete cover letter, resume, three references and a statement of teaching philosophy.

Compensation & Benefits

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  • Salaries & Compensation

    Faculty salaries are highly competitive and are aligned with Ranney School’s standards of professional teaching and years of experience in teaching. Teachers undergo an extensive professional growth and renewal program that includes self-assessment and improvement plans that are aligned with professional goals. Therefore teachers are recognized for excellence in teaching and service to the school, and as such receive a compensation increase that is reflective of performance.
    It continues to be Ranney School’s priority to ensure faculty salaries are competitive with teaching salaries in New Jersey and with the National Association of Independent Schools’ compensation benchmarks.
  • Medical Insurance

    Ranney School currently offers two options for medical coverage provided through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Employees and their dependents may choose either Direct Access or POS plan, with the employee contributing towards the cost of each plan through payroll deductions. Employees may also waive coverage.
  • Dental Insurance

    Coverage for dental procedures is available for employees and dependents. Payroll deductions are made for those employees choosing to participate to defray part of the premium costs.
  • Life Insurance

    A life insurance policy equivalent to one year’s salary is provided at no cost to all full time employees. Coverage is available after 30 days of employment.
  • Personal Time, Sick Days, Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability

    All employees receive personal days and sick days. Details are available in the Human Resource Office. Short-term and Long-term disability is provided to all eligible full time employees at no cost. An employee is eligible for coverage after 30 days of employment. Disability payments are made after seven consecutive days of absence due to disability.
  • Worker's Compensation

    All employees are provided worker’s compensation insurance in the event of an accidental injury occurring while in the performance of one’s duties. All on the job injuries must be reported to the Human Resource Office as soon as possible.
  • Retirement Program

    Ranney School offers retirement benefits through TIAA-CREF (Teacher’s Insurance and Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund). The pension plan is a fully vested, defined contribution 403B retirement program. Ranney School will match 5% of an employee’s salary for those employees participating in the plan. . The school’s matching percentage increases with years of service. Participating employees as well as those employees not meeting the service requirements may make supplemental contributions to the plan, which are not matched by the School. A summary plan description is available in the Human Resource Office.
  • Graduate Study

    All full time faculty may apply to the Associate Head for Academic Administration in the school year prior to enrollment in a graduate program. This program is limited by the amount of funds available and is restricted to enrollment with an accredited institution. All graduate level pursuits must be aligned with the teacher’s job description and school wide initiatives.
  • Professional Development

    A professional development budget provides for the cost of travel and attendance at appropriate workshops and programs. Department Heads and Division Heads help endorse faculty participation in professional development programs. All programs must be aligned with departmental goals and school wide initiatives, and must meet calendar planning criteria.

    Ranney School provides ongoing training in areas of instruction and pedagogy, curriculum development and technology. These programs are available throughout the school year and schedules are made available through the academic offices.

    There are a number of faculty honors and recognition programs that include monetary awards. These awards are offered to teachers by nomination from peers. Award monies are intended to support the professional growth of faculty recipients.
  • Tuition/Remission Assistance

    All full time faculty receive a benefit of 45% tuition remission for one child. The child needs to meet all admission criteria, as well as maintain the standards of academic and personal excellence required of all Ranney students.
  • School Lunch Program

    All employees are enrolled in the school’s lunch program and benefit from the use of both dining halls.
  • Gym Facility

    Employees may use the School’s gym facilities (weight room, pool, track, etc.) at approved times determined by the Athletic Director.
  • Computer Purchases

    Ranney School is a state of the art learning environment and is invested in providing its students and the faculty 21st century learning resources. Employees may purchase a computer through the School and arrange repayment by payroll deduction. Payment back to the School will be scheduled twice-monthly over a 10-month period.

    Further information about all benefits and summary plan descriptions is available in the Human Resource Office.

Employment Opportunities

Coaching Positions

The following Coaching positions are open:
  • Varsity Baseball Assistant Coach
Contact Athletic Director Natalie Gorman at 732.542.4777 ext. 1189 for details or email ngorman@ranneyschool.org

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