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Science Department Introduces Insect Hotels

Frequently mentioned during climate change discussions, the rapid decrease in insect populations is an alarm bell for the future of Earth’s biodiversity. One way to support local insect populations while increasing student awareness is building insect hotels!
This project encourages students to research the insects that live around them, engineer a solution, and interact with organisms. Hopefully, students in all divisions will take some time over spring break to collect supplies and build an insect hotel that can help support our local environment!

How to build an Insect Hotel
Plan your Insect Hotel with this sheet

If students are interested in participating, here are two articles that can be of help as resources from The Entomologist Lounge and University of Michigan – Dearborn Environmental Interpretive Center.
Any questions can be directed to Ms. Holl at choll@ranneyschool.org. Good luck and be sure to share any photos using #RanneyBugs!

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